About Me

I’m going to start doing a few guests posts here, so I’m telling you a little bit about me first. I’m the Dainty Domestic Dive. TripleD, DDD, or Triple Threat if you are so inclined. And no… that’s not my bra size. But there wasn’t anything clever for 26 G. Go ahead… Try to come up with anything.

I’m 5’2″ and like to stick between 103-108lbs when I’m not carrying my “winter weight” which means I’m generally an XS or 00 street size. I spent 6 years pregnant and breastfeeding so I’ve had a lot of fluctuations in size. Including bra size. Although until I started researching breast implants, I had no idea there were sizes other than the ones offered at Victoria’s Secret. Before kids, I wore a 32A (yuck) and while breastfeeding I wore an ill fitting 34C (how? Seriously, Past Self… how?) even though I was pretty sure I needed a 34D. I have a 25.5 inch underbust and a 35.5 inch bust measurement.

After breastfeeding, I had that “deflated water balloon” look that’s common after so many years. And I’d come to accept my larger breasts as part of my identity. I’d had them my whole adult life, after all. And suddenly being as flat as a 14 year old boy was just devastating to my self esteem and personal identity. And although my husband expressed his disagreement with the idea, he supported me in my search for a good plastic surgeon and even paid for the surgery, despite an earlier agreement that I’d raise the money myself. I brought in a picture of my own breastfeeding boobs to my surgeon as my inspiration pictures, because I just wanted to look and feel like myself again.

I chose 600CC, ultra high profile, round, silicone implants. (Natrelle Style 45) Under the muscle, trans ax incision. I chose the high profile so I could go as big as I wanted to, which wouldn’t work with a wider profile because of my being somewhat petite. I chose round because I wanted perky. Under the muscle because I wanted to look and feel more real and prevent rippling. And I decided on the armpit incision only after my scheduling appt… My first instinct was to go through the aeriola. But decided the arm pit would be more discreet.

Breast augmentation feels a little like being hit by a truck. After, you can’t lift your arms. You can’t shower, or pick up your kids… for weeks. But it is so worth it. Even though I did the dishes too soon and pulled my stitches on the right side. Even with the revision I had at 4 months post op for the earliest case of capsular contracture my PS has ever seen. I remember better that feeling when I woke up… and I cried tears of joy. Though it was probably the anesthesia. I get pretty weird under general anesthetia.

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