Comexim Elena Custom Order Review

First of all, ordering from Comexim… Not a breeze. I imagine it is easier if you’re going in knowing EXACTLY what you want. And it’s a LOT easier if you know someone who speaks Polish and they’re willing to translate all your interactions for you. Since Google translate is apparently run by monkeys. It’s inclined to translate a simple word like “cup” into “goblet” or “chalice” which makes very little sense to poor Anna over at Comexim when you’re trying to talk to her about bras. She doesn’t speak any English. I did read somewhere that she is fluent in Spanish, though, if that works for anyone. I first contacted her about a different bra, to see if she could sew it for me. Turns out she was out of the material and she suggested the Elena instead. Which comes in a half cup or a plunge style. I chose the plunge, with a reduced center gore and reduced material in the cups. This was an educated decision, based on a few other bloggers’ experiences with Comexim bras. Weirdly Shaped And Well Photographed (aka Zoe) recently purchased the Ingrid and her pictures led to me to believe that ordering the bra standard would lead to having too much material and thus gapping in the cups of the bra. I chose to stick with my standard band size, 55. And then to choose a cup size I perused a few more blogs and found one with a conversion chart, and then measured my best fitting bra to compare to the measurements of a Comexim 55J I saw for sale in a Facebook group I am part of to make sure they matched up. I wanted to be double sure it’d fit.   After a quick Google, here is the link:

I placed my order on a Monday. I received an email back with Paypal info. I paid and just a few days later Anna emailed again with a tracking number. I followed the package through some website that allows you to track pretty much all mail carriers ever. It spent a week in customs, but was in hand by this past Tuesday. And here it is:


As you can see, I’m collecting everyday wear bras… Mostly nude etc. But I like there to be cute details. Comexim provides. There is a bow and embroidery making something that could be plain into something very cute.


It was harder to get good pictures of this bra because it wanted to fold back at the top when I laid it flat.  But as you can see it’s taller than a half cup (duh) but not overly tall. When I put this bra on, it gives me a very different shape that my EMs. It’s more projected forward. Not pointy, exactly, but it minimizes the side boob and gives a more classic shape. It was very strange for me that first day. I imagine I’ll get used to it over time. It fits quite well. Although I wouldn’t recommend this bra for women with very firm implants or tissue. On the left my breast fills up the cup perfectly, but on the right (which is my firmer side) I have a little gapping on the inside toward the gore. I’d show you all, but it’s not the most decent. I’m sure I could blow up a balloon and work something out… But that’s a lot of very strange effort. So I’m gonna skip it if you don’t mind! haha.


The band on this bra is firm. Just like my Lilia. Not stretchy like the Toffik or Freya. Easy enough to get closed. Though I have to admit that I looked like a weirdo getting myself properly into this plunge style. It was very unattractive. Scoop and swoop isn’t the same when you can’t just reach in and adjust.



And I’m posting my receipt just so you can see what a great deal Comexim is! It cost me $46. After shipping. Seriously. And I didn’t translate any of this,  but I think it’s pretty self explanatory. Bra was 140 PLN and shipping was only 20 PLN. I wasn’t sure Anna understood I was in America when she first gave me the quote. But this is just how much it is. Anything under 500 grams is 20 PLN, and over that is 43 PLN, I guess. According to something she told a girl in that facebook group.


Great bra. Great customer service. Find a Polish friend to help you, and go give it a try.

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  1. Lisaz

    I seem to get gaping near the gore in Comexim also. Why do you think this is? I also have implants but a lot of my own tissue.

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