Monthly Archives: May, 2012

The Fitting Touch- my first true professional fitting

Along with the majority of women across the US I have never had a real bra fitting, until recently. I have been fit in places that tried tout me in the wrong size, places that use the plus four method (or even plus six!), places where the “fitter” did not actually do anything to fit. …

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Pregnancy with implants, first trimester update

I’m now 14 weeks pregnant and a little overdue for this update, please forgive me! Pregnancy tends to do things like that to you.  I’ve definitely turned on the lazy switch, hopefully that changes soon. So how are the boobs doing?  They are pretty much sticking to normal pregnancy changes that any woman would expect.  …

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The Bra Band Project~ Updates!!!

It has been just short of two months from the beginning of the Bra Band Project. Things have really come a long way, but its not too late to submit your photo. It has been great working with Boosaurus, BrasIHate, Braless In Brazil, and StackDD. This collaboration will continue through the new Bra Band Project …

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