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Ewa Michalak CH Lilia Review

This is my first official review of a product. Ever. Not surprising since I’m probably the world’s worst (and least consistent) blogger. This is also my first time ordering from Ewa Michalak directly. I do own the Effuniak CH Toffik. And I have for almost a year. I got it at The Big Bra Bar’s …

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Comexim Elena Custom Order Review

First of all, ordering from Comexim… Not a breeze. I imagine it is easier if you’re going in knowing EXACTLY what you want. And it’s a LOT easier if you know someone who speaks Polish and they’re willing to translate all your interactions for you. Since Google translate is apparently run by monkeys. It’s inclined …

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About Me

I’m going to start doing a few guests posts here, so I’m telling you a little bit about me first. I’m the Dainty Domestic Dive. TripleD, DDD, or Triple Threat if you are so inclined. And no… that’s not my bra size. But there wasn’t anything clever for 26 G. Go ahead… Try to come …

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