Help for bra fitting with implants

Fitting with implants is basically the same as fitting natural boobs, but with some added considerations. Many fitters do not have the education on different types of implants and how they can change a bra fit. But I can help you there. If you are having bra fitting problems just answer the questions below and then shoot me an email, I’ll do my best to help you solve your particular problem whether it be size, style, brand, or a combination of everything.

1. Tell me about you, general stats. Height, weight, body type.
2. Tell me about your implants. How far post op are you? Round or anatomical. Saline or silicone. What profile. If you have saline are they overfilled? What is their cc/ml volume? What placement do you have, full unders, partial unders, overs? Is this reconstructive due to cancer, tuberous breasts, PE/PC, or Poland’s?
3. Tell me your measurements. Using a soft tape measure, measure under your bust where your bra band sits. Make sure the tape is straight all the way around your body. Breathe out and take a firm measurement. Relax and measure again. You’ll measure the same way around your fullest bust measurement, but do it loosely. Next you’ll measure the same way but leaning forward. Last you’ll measure from the cleavage line where your breast ends around the top of the breast around to your sideboob. Please include the largest breast measurement.
Example measurements (mine right now in pregnancy): Tight underbust: 27″ loose underbust: 27.5″ Fullest bust: 38″ Fullest leaning forward: 38.5″ Individual breast: 12.5″
4. Tell me about your preferences. What do you want in a bra? What has your surgeon cleared you to wear?
5. Tell me about your fitting issues. Is there a particular problem you are having? Center gore lifting, wire sitting on the breast, too wide wires, band digging, etc.
6. Tell me about your current bra. What size is it? How does it fit.
7. (Optional) Send in some pictures that show what you mean. This is helpful if you can’t quite figure out what is wrong or if you can’t describe it. They can be as anonymous as you want them, crop or block your head. Just try to make sure they show from the high hip to the bottom of your neck including your shoulders. Photos of you in a bra are the most useful, but feel free to include images in shirts if it shows a fit problem. Any photos sent in will not be used with out your express permission.

If you’d like to share your fit experience you can. With your permission your fit problems and images can be used in a blog post. Of course your name will not be shared! Many people find reading fitting stories helpful, especially when they find they should be in a size that they just cannot imagine. I’d to share the stories of anyone who would like to help.

Last but not least. This is something I’m doing with my own time and as a totally free service. I just want to help. Please understand that there are limits in the written word and photos. It may take some trial and error just like an in person fitting. But I won’t give up until you find your best fit and something that is comfortable! I completely understand the shock of being told you are a 28 or 30 band when you have been wearing a 34. It’s OK if you decide that is too much for you! It can be a slow process with your size changing as you get used to changes in bra fit. I’m here to help YOU, not push a particular size on you because sizing methods say that should be your size. We are all different and this is your bra for your body and your breasts. We will find what works for you!


  1. I’m going to share this one our page because we’ve seen some customers/Facebook fans with implants who have a tricky time finding styles that work well for them. Maybe they can contribute to this.

    • Thanks Erica. I belong to an augmentation patient education website and I’ve sent a few ladies your way for sizing. They have all had a great experience. One lady travels for business and detoured to visit you. That says something about what kind of service you provide.

      • sophisticatedpair

        Thanks, Chrystal! I actually think I know the customer to whom you are referring. I recommend your website to all of our readers, but I’ve been sending women with implant-specific questions to you. Did you ever do a blog on molded cups with implants, by the way?

      • I haven’t done that yet just because I have not been able to find a molded cup that works for me. But I guess that is part of what I’m trying to show! I definitely think I should do that soon. Molded bras are so hard for any woman to fit properly, add in the more firm feel of an implant and it seems even more impossible.

  2. sophisticatedpair

    Molded cups may be the bane of my existence! I had a woman come in last week who got a good fit on the Deco and the Parfait Casey, but the top of the cup would show through tee shirts, which kind of defeats the purpose of a tee shirt bra. The Wacoal Embrace lace worked for her, but she was a 32/34 band as opposed to your 28.

    • I’ve never tried the Deco, but I did try the Casey in a 30G. Even being small in the cups I couldn’t get a good fit. I’m actually hoping that maybe my ribcage will expand a bit and stay that way after pregnancy so maybe I can find one to work. Probably not going to happen though.
      I have not checked out the Wacoal Embrace yet. I know a few 34/32s that were looking for a t-shirt bra so that may be one they can try. Thanks!

  3. Camilla London

    I need a bra that fits, I been wearing Victoria Secrets and just not happy with these! What info do u need fr me?

    • Hi Camilla! You can email me ( with some general information. Do you have implants? If so, do you know what you have, saline/silicone, size, and profile. What size did you wear before your surgery? And two measurements, your ribcage measured firmly and your fullest bust measurement measured loosely.

  4. How long after breast augmentation do you need to wait to get a new bra. I’m at 6 weeks 4.5 days. I got bilateral silicone subpectoral – Mentor Smooth Round High Profile Silicone Gel 325cc implants. I wore 32A before. Ribcage: tight underbust 28.5″, loose underbust 29″. Bust is 34″. Bust leaning forward 35″ Individual breast: 8″ (from cleavage area over nipple to under arm). I have no idea where to begin & when I put those measurements in other places, I came up with 34B & 32DD. Huge difference there! 😛


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