Monthly Archives: November, 2012

Pregnancy with implants- 39 week update

I have set this up to auto post on Friday November 9, which will be the baby’s birthday.  She is incredibly stubborn and won’t move out of the frank breech position. Basically that means her head is up in my left ribs, her but is down, and her feet and hands are by her head. …

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Let’s Be Positive~ My Readers Love….

I did not get as much response from my readers for things they love, but they are definitely worth sharing. They will just be shared by a random letter to keep things private. C- I love my freckles. I hated them as a child, but as I grow older they have grown on me. I …

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Let’s Be Positive- Bra bloggers love….

To go along with my post about my new appreciation of my feet I asked some fellow bra bloggers what they love.  We may blog about all things breast related, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love other parts of our bodies. Erica, A Sophisticated Pair- I love my eyes because they are a deep …

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