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    do u sell bras for people with implants? i would like to follow up with you after i take my measurment. thank you very much for your help. tina greene

    • Hi Tina!
      I don’t sell bras for people with implants. But I do help you find the right bra for you after implants. The regular bras on the market today can provide a wonderful fit, just some brands fit different shapes better. I’d love to help you find your size and shape, and then a bra that works for you.

  2. Michelle

    Hey! I’m sooooo thankful I found you! I had a breast lift and augmentation last June, and have been literally underwhelmed with the selection of bras I have to choose from! VS measured me at a 34ddd….but since they didnt carry that size, they had me buy 34dd and a 36dd! I hate them! Cant wear either of them! Waste!! I got a measuring tape and measured myself…… true measurements are 31.5 under bust and 39.5-40! The problem with 36 is that I can pull them WAAAYYY out….even the 34 still sticks out in the front between. I paid a lot of money for these and really have been hiding them in tj MAxx sports bras because I can’t find anything else to work! I went to Lane Bryant today to try on some because my sister swears by theirs! But…..the smallest band size is a 36 but it was much too big! I bought a VS 34ddd online, but it was padded and looks stupid! Augh! Any help? I’ve read tons of blogs on google because so many women face the exact issue after surgery! No one talks about this before! 😦 ok…so I’d appreciate any help you can give me at all! So does my husband! 🙂 thx

    • Oh goodness, I’m sorry you’re having issues! If you’d like help you can shoot me an email ( I can tell you right now that your cupsize is too small and your band is too big. You are probably going to need closer to a 34F then a 34DDD. You could possibly wear a 32 band in many brands. VS is probably not going to fit you anymore. Do you have any lingerie boutiques or department stores in your area? You are more likely to get a better fitting bra there then you will at VS. Try A Sophisticated Pair’s bra calculator or Butterfly Collection’s calculator before getting a fitting. They won’t be 100% spot on, but you’ll at least have an idea if the fitter is anywhere close to the right size.

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