CHP Gazeta by Ewa Michalak

This is the bra that broke my heart. I should have known it wouldn’t work for me, but it was a set that I HAD to have. I should have known better. It went on to another lady, and I’m pretty sure it broke her heart too.

Some people just were not a fan of this bra when it first appeared on the Facebook page. But I loved the print. I used to spend a lot of time reading, so newspaper print kind of spoke to me.


This bra feels kind of vintage to me, old but not dated. It looked white on the facebook, but it is actually the color of a yellowed newspaper. There are also small opaque polka dots, the black ruffles, and the small red hearts with the big red bow. The giant bow in the center gore seems to be an Ewa trend for this season, I’ve found it in many bras that I’ve purchased. It isn’t something that draws me to a bra and I hadn’t noticed it on other styles until they came in the mail.

20140224-092153.jpgThe biggest complaint I have with the CHP style is the wide placed straps. They just do not work for me. Because this bra has the detailed straps (picture below) they rub that area even more than a normal wide placed strap would. The straps on this bra are wider then the S or SM styles I have from the same season.
Here’s the strap and band. You can see the cute detailing of the straps. Personally I could do without the hearts, they are a bit cutesy for me. I don’t really think they add much to the bra with all the other details.
20140224-094851.jpgMore hearts! There are four along the back band and one on each strap.

20140224-094842.jpgI wasn’t overly impressed by the inside of the cup. The stitching wasn’t as clean as some of my other Ewa Michalak bras. That could have just been a bit of a misadjustment on the sewing machine.

20140224-094911.jpgThe ruffle at the top of the bra. You can see in my picture above that it does not lay flat against the breast, but it isn’t as ruffly and obvious as something like the CK Tease Me or Thrill Me. I quite like the ruffle and the black over the cup seams and the underwire channel (pictured below). I think there are people who wouldn’t care for the look and would love the read hearts and big bow. Personal taste here, there is no added stability to the cups from the ribbon, at least in my size.

20140224-092242.jpgHere is the black underwire channel. And my second bone to pick with the bra. There is more of that pretty black ruffling. It’s so pretty, but it is a bit scratchy on the stomach. Plus if your underbust is smaller than your stomach you’ll have problems with the ruffles pushing out. I noticed this just sitting down in the short time I wore the bra.

Be cause of the CHP shape I would not recommend this bra or style to someone who has a narrow projected shape (HP or UHP silicone implants, or HP saline implants) in any size range.  I think this bra style would be more suited to someone in the G and below range with a wider breast base (mod or mod+ implants). I ordered this bra in a 65GG because that was the cut off for special order sizing.  I did find the band to be just fine in a 65 as it is a bra that stretches just past 65cm (mine stretched to 27.5in). The cup was shallow and a bit small, as I expected, but the wire width was perfect for me. As I am trying to find a better wire fit for the sides of my breasts, encasing the side of the implant instead of sitting halfway to my back, this was perfect. I expected it to be shallow because of the CHP style. Unfortunately the strap placement made this bra unwearable for comfort reasons.

I also purchased the matching bottoms, which have also gone on to a new home. Just taking them out of the package, they were tiny!  I bought a 36 based on other bottoms I have and these were much smaller. They just did not have the stretch that I’d find comfortable in panties. The fabric was the same as the bra, so I guess I should have expected them to not stretch and be a bit small.


Other reviews:
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