This blog has been a long time coming. This blog is for anything and everything.  If I want to write about it, I’ll write about it.  It is for bras/lingerie, product reviews, clothes, anything really.  Part of what I want to write about is things surrounding breast implants.  I have them, I love having them, but I understand that they are not for everyone.  I’d like to be a resource to correct some common misunderstandings and assumptions.  I’d like to be a resource for women who may need bra help after their surgery, whether they have implants for reconstruction or cosmetic reasons.

**Please note, just because I have implants does not mean I am in the adult industry. I am not and I do not have plans to ever do so. Sorry, pervy photo requests will go unanswered!**  But if you have questions, would like information about me in particular (body stats and implant sizes for general ideas of size) please feel free to contact me by email. I want to share knowledge and almost any question asked by a woman would not cross the line. If you are male, please still email!  There are no sources for men whose significant others may be looking at surgery.  If I can help, I’m more then happy to!

So a little about me. I just separated from the military after just over four years of service. I am married to a wonderful man who is in the Army. We currently live in the bra wasteland known as Alaska. Seriously, there is not even a Victoria’s Secret here.  I have three wonderful dogs, two beagles Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx, and a rescued boxer Ozzy. I have a passion for bras, I call myself a bra-aholic and a bra snob.  I love to help women find their correct bra size and have done many virtual bra fittings. By correct size I mean the correct size for them, based on major fit needs and comfort.  I’d love to own my own lingerie boutique someday, I love them that much.  Heck I’d even do lingerie modeling, I think I’d have fun and maybe gain some confidence.  This blog is about expressing my self, but my rules, and growing while doing it.

The name comes from a love name my husband used to call me, that combined with it being my blog and doing things by my rules and you get By Baby’s Rules.  Thanks for reading!


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