Special order Comexim- A Sophisticated Pair

Hi everyone! I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging. Some chatting with a lovely friend has put some spark back into my desire to write.

So to break the blog silence I’d like to chat about my first Comexim order through A Sophisticated Pair.

Comexim is a Polish brand using a sizing system that uses centimeters not inches. This often results in size confusion when women try and convert their normal UK size to purchase their first Comexim bra.



Well in comes A Sophisticated Pair. Located in Burlington, North Carolina, a Sophisticated Pair is a partnership made of Erica, her father Jason, and her aunt Debbie. They carry a wide size range and many brands, but most importantly they believe that every woman deserves a bra that fits.


Which is part of why the Comexim brand is such an exciting addition for the small back full busy market. In a recent blog post a graphic was posted showing the expanded size range for Comexim bras available to order. Up to a UK 28M, with sister sizes as the band sizes go up! But it doesn’t stop there. If you continue reading you’ll see that Comexim and another brand, Anna Pardal, have agreed to doing minor alterations to bras ordered through A Sophisticated Pair. Previously, orders were placed directly through Comexim by email. This process could be difficult because the lovely Anna of Comexim is Polish. Google translate and Polish leave much to be desired. Now Erica can help work out the needs of your order with the help of Anna from Anna Pardal. If you were like me, you saw the name Anna referencing both brands and you thought they were the same woman. Not at all, the brands each have a lovely lady named Anna at the helm, and are working together.

Irish Coffee

A Sophisticated Pair places orders monthly, toward the end of each month. They have a generous special order policy, with updates released in their Nov/Dec newsletter. This special order policy puts opens up ordering a Comexim bra to so many, no matter how far you are from North Carolina. But it also applies to other brands and styles.

So on to the ordering process. It was so simple. Seriously, “so easy a caveman can do it” Gieco commercial easy. I went on to the Comexim website and decided on the styles I wanted. I emailed my UK bra size, the requested alterations, and the bra names of the styles I wanted. I also included any matching bottoms as well. I requested to pay asap (bra money must leave my hands immediately, it’s much more gratifying to me than an email confirmation). I received an email back, making sure all was understood as far as requested alterations. Then shortly after an email confirming my order, and a PayPal invoice. So simple!!


So what did I order? I requested reduced cups and gore because I prefer less coverage and a wider taller gore will never sit flat. I also requested the straps to be moved in by 2cm, I find most bras in my size have straps that dig into my armpit. The four bras pictured through this post are the ones I decided to order.Guest poster, Dainty Domestic Diva and I will be reviewing the Irish Coffee together, we’ve both been drooling over that bra from the time it was first posted on Facebook. They should hopefully be here in time for Christmas!

Product links are on the photos. Check out the boutique’s Facebook and the designer’s Facebook pages!

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful post about our relationship with Comexim and Anna Pardal! Even though the international ordering process can create some issues from time to time, we have had such great success with the line. It boggles my mind that a relatively small company can make bras to order and offer these alterations at no additional cost while much larger companies struggle to even listen to their customer. Anna from Anna Pardal (so many Annas!) and I are going to collaborate on a post soon because she wants feedback on ideas for longlines and bra-sized lingerie. It’ll be an easy way for people to express their opinions about what they want to see produced to a company who is already listening to their feedback and quickly responding. I think that’s just wonderful, and so far, all of my customers have been happy to work with a brand like this. Thanks again for such a nice post! ❤

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