Black Friday shopping!

Black Friday, an American thing that has grown out of control to hoards of people and mass chaos. It’s spread to online retailers, and across the ocean.

Online shopping is usually “cyber Monday” but this year many companies hosted pre Black Friday sales or online sales. Living in a small town, Black Friday shopping for boobs wasn’t happening in store. But I definitely did some online shopping! I made sure to save through the year for this, and boy was that a good idea.

First thing on my list, making sure to pre order Comexim bras through A Sophisticated Pair. Easy peasy! You can read about how easy it was here.

Next, Kiss Me Deadly. I have had their items on my wish list constantly. I’ve found images of old items that almost make me cry from missing them. I was not about to miss out on the Cupless Vargus Dress. This is designed in a way that it can be worn with the bra of your choosing, perfect for women outside of KMD’s bra size range. Along with some stockings, this will be making its way to my door, after a 30% off Black Friday code.


Next on the list was Breakout Bras. Their Black Friday special was 30% off orders over $100. With the price of a single full bust bra, that’s not hard. My list here included some Freya Deco variants, the Deco Shape strapless, the multiway, the bottoms, the Deco Vibe (back ordered), and the Deco Delight (back ordered). I will not need a smooth cup t-shirt bra for a while!


I went from bras to clothes, on to Lady V London</a. I don't wear vintage cuts, but Weirdly Shaped has me wanting to try. Add in a cupcake printed dress, and I’ll take it! Of course I had no idea what size to order, so fingers crossed.


I thought I may have missed the chance for a Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless, but Bras and Honey still has some in various sizes. Shipping costs were covered by the sale discount, so at least I kind of broke even.


Last but not least, an Ewa Michalak order. I ordered a dark and a “nude” multiway bras. No Black Friday sales, but I figured if I was buying bra staples for the next year I may as well add those in.


I also did a little bit of Zulily shopping. Nothing too spectacular. I will definitely be a happy camper if the light jackets I bought fit nicely and shape well.

Stay tuned for reviews on some of these. Older or discontinued items you probably won’t see, but newer items I hope to be posting reviews on.

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