The Kewi bra, what??

The Kewi Bra is a new innovation by inventor and entrepreneur Muyiwa Olumide. It made waves in the lingerie community when the first bits of information came out. The size range of the bra jumped, bandsizes were added, and preorders accepted. Updates slowed down, everyone started wondering how things were going. Prototype images appeared on their Facebook page leaving some wondering.

Then this news article was posted yesterday. Needless to say, I was quite shocked.

Then it was confirmed on Facebook:

Confirmation post on Facebook

Confirmation post on Facebook

My lovely readers, I’m going to be quite blunt and honest here, something I reserve for the rare use. WHAT THE HELL?!?! How is this in any way shape or form a good idea? Before I get started on why this is a bad idea I want to emphasize something. I have no problem with anyone, regardless of gender identity having surgery for implants. I support being happy with your body as long as the positives outweigh the negatives. I have a problem with someone getting implants for publicity, to raise money for a business venture, whether they be male or female. I have an even bigger problem with a male thinking he can feel how a woman feels by getting breast implants. Breast implants or natural, no person (male or female) can feel like a woman unless their gender identity is female. I understand that there is much more to gender identity then what I’m talking about here, but I’m keeping things strictly male/female based on the gender identity of the subject of the article.

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty for why this is a bad idea.

From the Kewi Bra FAQ:

Would the Kewi bra work for someone without a significant amount of ptosis or tissue below the inframammary fold?
The main reason the Kewi Bra does not include A-C cup sizes is because commonly those sizes do not have enough tissue below the iframammary fold to be held by the inner cups. If a women does not have this fold at all due to perkiness then it is not likely her breasts can be held by the inner cups. The inner cups fit just below the crease of the fold at the back of the breasts and wrap around the front of the breasts covering the areolas.

So lets take a look at what breasts look like post augmentation. (Link NSFW!!!) Of course a woman with more natural tissue will be more likely to have more of a breast fold. But it is probably a safe assumption that most men will not. The photo below is my inframammory fold. I started with almost 0 breast tissue, I have larger silicone implants, and as part of my second surgery I had my inframammory fold reinforced. Still no natural breast hang. I could not wear the Kewi bra, and chances are the CEO of Kewi Bra will not be able to either.


My inframammary fold

This lack of inframammory fold can change how a bra fits an augmented breast. That is not even considering some of the other fit considerations that must be looked at when fitting a woman with implants. There are countless combinations of size, profile, shape, filler, and placement that can change how the implant looks and behaves in a bra.  All these factors is why my blog exists, to help women find out what factors change their bra fit and to find a bra that works for them. This is why bras designed especially for implants have failed (I’m looking at you Le Mystere no9).

Next let’s get into recovery.  Here is a little bit about what you can expect during recovery.

UBS (“Ugly Breasts Sydrome”) – You’ve finally had your surgery, and the results you’re seeing aren’t what you paid for. “Ugly Breast Sydrome” happens to many women that have breast augmentation surgery. Most women aren’t going to have gorgeous breasts as soon as they roll out of the operating room. They may appear oblong in shape, or torpedo-like, or they may look swollen, broad, and flat. The implants may ride high, and be literally right up against your collar-bone in the beginning. They may be bruised and swollen, and your nipples may be puffy and swollen. They may look HUGE, or flat. For women who do not realize that this is completely normal, it can be a terrifying experience. The good news is that things will get better, given some time and patience.

Plus there is more in the link above. There are women who come out of surgery looking pretty amazing. But most women do not. Women can expect it to be up to ONE YEAR post op before they have their final results. ONE YEAR! For a bra that is supposed to be released in three months I think time is a little short.

From Dr. Pousti a California-based plastic surgeon experienced in gender reassignment and placing breast implants in the male anatomy, a partial list of post op instructions:

1.Sleeping in an upright reclined position for 1 week after surgery.
2. No heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks. No upper body activity for 4-6 weeks.
3. No reaching out or above your shoulders for 1-2 weeks.
4. Keep your hands and elbows to your side for 1 week.
5. No driving for 1 week post Breast Augmentation surgery or until off narcotic pain medication completely and can respond to an emergency.
9. No upper body exercises for 4-6 weeks post breast augmentation surgery
20. Wear the surgical bra for a total of 4 weeks. You may wear a comfortable sports bra or regular non-under wire bras after you get rid of your surgical bra. You wear sports bras for 4 weeks.
21. Nice under wire bras are ok once you have full sensation at the bottom of the breast. This will be closer to 2 months post surgery.

This is not a simple surgery! This is pretty average with the exception of a technique commonly referred to as Rapid Recovery.  Some surgeons are even more conservative. My first surgery I was not allowed to wear wired bras for 3 months. Other surgeons say one year or even never! This is a taste of what Kewi Bra CEO Muyiwa Olumide can expect if he does go through with a breast augmentation surgery.

On to the last point. Weight. Breasts can widely vary in weight across the size spectrum. Breasts of the same size can be very different weights due to density and type of tissue. Because I have very little natural breast tissue I can be pretty sure that most of my breast weight is silicone implant. You can calculate the weight for different sizes and types here. My 700cc silicone implants together weigh 3.28 pounds and I wear a 28HH. My first implants were 397cc silicone, together they weighed 1.86 pounds and I wore a 28FF. Leah from Hourglassy did an experiment to weigh her own breasts. Of course this is completely unscientific, but it is enough to make you question the issue of weight. Her 28G breasts came in at an estimated 5.2 pounds! Like I said, it’s just a fun measurement, one I did while pregnant too. It is in no way meant to be an accurate measurement of breast weight.

Bottom line through all of this, women feel insulted by the idea that a male can “experience exactly what a Kewi bra wearer goes though.” I myself won’t pretend to speak for all women with implants, I am but a small fish in the sea of women with implants, but I do want to give these women a voice.  The term “real woman” is being thrown around because of this, and that is something that hurts a woman with breast implants. There is already enough of an implication and stereotype that we are “fake.”  We ARE real women too.  Please stop doing things that increase the stigma we already face! Please stop the negative news light on breast implants.


Additional reading on Kurvendiskussionen.


  1. Lisag

    What happened to your EM Gazeta review?

    Sent from my iPhone


    • That was just photos that accidentally published. I hadn’t gotten a chance to write anything yet.

  2. g2-a901569dc0c5cb3206551a4293ea523b

    What made you decide to get a second surgery? Was the recovery easier the second time around?

    • I had some complications that had to be repaired. Because it was a repair it was not easier. But any woman who have a surgery to change size find the recovery to be much easier the second time.

  3. Great and very valuable post on this bizarre topic. Thanks for writing it! I honestly didn’t know half of this (although I thought it was a bad idea anyway, for so, so many reasons, as you illustrated above). Appreciate your sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I was offered a Kewi bra for testing but decided to not go with it because I’m not blogging as often. This is highly bizarre.

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