Let’s Be Positive- Bra bloggers love….

To go along with my post about my new appreciation of my feet I asked some fellow bra bloggers what they love.  We may blog about all things breast related, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love other parts of our bodies.

Erica, A Sophisticated Pair- I love my eyes because they are a deep brown, almost black, that brightens when I am happy or excited. Framed perfectly by glasses and a swipe of eyeliner, they let me see all the beauty life has to offer.

Sweet Nothings– I love my hair, because it is dark and shiny and long for the first time in a decade. I can play with it and put it up and braid it and curl it and feel it brush my back and shoulders and hide behind it and toss it when I dance around my room.

Les Gros Bonnets– I love my back, because it’s strong and flexible. It gets in a perfect bridge when I want to stretch my abs. And it carries my heavy boobs without any pain or complaint.

Chloe from Muscules and Curves- I love my shoulders. I think they are beautiful, and they are strong enough to support my breasts.

Nichole from Fussy Busty- I love my calves! No matter how much weight I gain or lose, my calves have always looked damn sexy (if I do say so myself haha). They have helped me to run, walk, and do all the things I need to do every day.

Faustine– I used to dislike the way my arms looked in photos- they tended to smush and look “disproportional” if kept too close to my sides. I kept wearing tank tops anyway. I saw a photo recently of myself bracing against a table. There was visible bicep definition there, and I exulted. Strong is powerful, sexy, competent me. But regardless, my arms work! They articulate, let me do my job, let me hug people, balance me on the stairs…my arms do many things for me every day! I’ll love them while I have them.
As Erica said, it’s not just our bodies that can use positivity! Our characters can, too. I am a solid and loyal sort who keeps my promises, and that’s valuable and good.

Windie, Undiegamer- I love my freckles! I grew up hating them because they made me stand out, the same goes for my red hair. I was a painfully shy girl and wanted desperately to blend in. While I’m still shy, I’ve grown to love my freckles. They’re a part of me and I really identify with them, I don’t think I could feel completely like myself without them. Plus, I think they’re pretty darned cute now.

So there you have it, bra bloggers love so many different things about themselves! If you’d like to be included please feel free to send me a message. Up next is some reader’s thoughts. I promise there won’t be the long delay this time!

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  1. I loved reading everyone’s comments! There’s a lot of things to love about our bodies if we take a moment to appreciate them. Great idea, Chrystal!

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