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Bra alterations- taking in the center gore & lowering stabbing wires

I’ve taken a stab at bra alterations a few times, but I think I was a little ambitious with the alterations I was trying. So I’ve finally taken a step back to something more along my skill level (a sewing beginner with some basic knowledge) and I’ve finally been able to alter a bra successfully! …

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Sports bras~ The ins & outs, what you really need

No matter what the size, the construction of the breast is the same.  There is breast tissue and fat that is supported by skin and the Cooper’s Ligament.  No matter what the size, breasts need support, both in daily activities and in exercise.  The level of movement may be different, the needs from the bra …

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New year = New bras!!

With most people the start of the new year means New Years resolutions.  I’m not going to that this year. Sure I have some things I want to work on, but they are all things that I had been working on already. I’m just making the effort to continue them and take things to the …

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