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Breastfeeding with implants

I have not done an update about breastfeeding for a while. It’s not because I don’t want to share it with you, I really do. But it’s been hard. Really hard. Breastfeeding does not come easy, pretty much every woman has problems to overcome. My problems came in a very unexpected form. I know I’m …

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It’s been a while….

It’s been a while!! I promise I haven’t forgotten about the blog. 🙂 It’s just been a very busy time right now. What’s been going on? Really what hasn’t? You all know that Gabrielle was born November 9, but sense then things have been busy. We spent some extra time in the hospital, made a …

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Breastfeeding with implants~ an early update

It’s been a while! The last you heard from me I was 39 weeks pregnant and Gabrielle was still sitting stubbornly in a breech position. I’m going to apologize in advance, I sure this post will be a little all over the place. I have a ton of scattered thoughts, and things I’d like to …

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