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Pregnancy with implants, entering the third trimester

  I’m writing this post one day before 29 weeks. And I can honestly say that these next 11 weeks better go fast! As I’m sitting here writing I am literally getting something on my insides kicked or punched. Not in a gentle easy manner either!  I guess someone knows I’m writing about something that …

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Pregnancy with implants, 24 week update

  It’s time again for another pregnancy update!! It’s been 24 weeks so far, which seems so crazy to me. I know I just did a post 5 weeks ago, but boy have things changed since then.  (Mom, if you are reading this, it may get to be TMI for you. Just a warning, same …

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The Fitting Touch- my first true professional fitting

Along with the majority of women across the US I have never had a real bra fitting, until recently. I have been fit in places that tried tout me in the wrong size, places that use the plus four method (or even plus six!), places where the “fitter” did not actually do anything to fit. …

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