Diversity In Lingerie

Diversity is a complicated thing. As consumers we want to see people like ourselves in the products we buy. But retailers must balance what sells, what models they have access too, and their consumer’s wishes.

June, from Braless In Brasil has started a campaign using the hashtag #diversity in lingerie. From her post:

From now on, if you want to join me take a picture of yourself (can be with or without your face, in lingerie or clothes- whatever you feel comfortable with!) and somehow fit in the hashtag #DiversityInLingerie. You’re welcome to either post it on twitter with the hashtag or email me and I’ll put it up in a post on my blog. Starting today (August 21st) other bloggers will becoming out with their own posts and pictures so check back to this post for the links! I’ll post them as they come out. I’d encourage women of ALL walks of life and appearance to join in. By participating you can show the lingerie industry that, yes, you’d buy lingerie from a diverse group of models, not just the ones currently shown. I want to be clear that this is nothing against the body types currently shown and I don’t want to get into a “real women” debate. We’re all real women. I just want a bigger pool of models so that ALL women can see someone like them and say “hey, she looks like me and that bra looks awesome on her, it could look awesome on me too!”.

Bloggers from all walks of life will be sharing photos of themselves, showing how they are diverse. I’d like to welcome any of my readers to share a photo if they are comfortable. You can share on twitter with the hashtag #diversityinlingerie or you can email me and I can add it to my post with any details you’d like to share.

So why am I diverse? What would a person like me add to the lingerie industry?

Diversity in Lingerie

I’m a normal white female, if a bit on the smaller side. But I have breast implants. Not only do I have implants, but I have larger silicone implants with very little of my own tissue. Silicone implants in the US are limited to 800cc, and I have 700cc. I’m not going to pretend that they are natural looking, with how little natural tissue I had there was no way they would be.

How many models are there that are confirmed to have implants? I’m not talking about the speculation that every Victoria’s Secret model has implants, that’s what happens when you have a bra two sizes too small. I’m talking about someone like Jestina Campbell who will be modeling for Wonderbra. If you want to find a model with breast implants you’ll be looking into the glamour model section, not a lingerie model. A woman with implants should be able to model, in what ever way she chooses.

So of you may remember last year when Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra came to the US. The entrants were limited to women who had not had breast surgery. It is my hope that a campaign like #diversityinlingerie will change that.

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Made In Preston- Aztec Bralet

If you are anything like me, when a new company is showing you sneak peeks on Facebook you get incredibly impatient. Made In Preston has been doing that for a while now.  Finally their site is live (seriously, it felt like forever!), and those sneak peeks are now available for purchase. Last week I did a little brand overview to tell you a little bit about what MIP is about. Today you get to see the Aztec bralet.

Disclosure: This product was provided to me for the purposes of this review. All opinions are mine alone, regardless of the origins of the product.


Aztec bralet fabric design

I won’t lie, when you hear about a bralet designed for a full bust customer you cannot help but be skeptical. I honestly expected something like what you would see from Forever 21 or a similar US vendor. So I was pleasantly surprised when this came. The quality is much better then what you would buy in the US. We will talk design and construction in a bit, but just the fabric and overall look is much better.


This little heart is important! Pay attention!

When it came in the mail I was pretty excited. It came very quickly, so I was not expecting it. So I just tore right into the pink packaging see what was inside. So that means you get a few pictures of a little bit of torn tissue paper and the cute sticker that sealed the package instead of the nicely sealed package that was delivered to my door.


Look at this tag!

The package included branded tissue paper sealed with the heart sticker. Simple, clean, but individualized. There is no extra fluff or packaging.  Just the symbol that have come to be associated with the name Made In Preston, that pink heart. If you look at the tag above you’ll see the logo complete with the heart you see on the sealing sticker. The second hang tag on the inside and the brand tag on the garment also have this simple heart design. The second tag politely asks you to check your purchase before removal. The one thing I think is missing is the size. The size is handwritten on the hang tag after the garment is completed. There is no size tag that is placed in the garment. So no going back to check what size you ordered before. Now a note on sizing and that cute little heart. If you look at the MIP site you’ll see that heart used to illustrate the size range, Fit, Foxy, or Fab. I think that is quite the cute way to illustrate a woman’s curved shape and the different sizes of curves that we come in.


Size 8 Fab, measurement laid flat

I was not sure what size to choose, but a quick chat with support was incredibly helpful.  Based on other UK based retailers I expected to need to order a size 6. MIP is size true to size, unlike many other UK full bust clothing lines. So please consult their sizing before you order. As the picture above shows, laid flat the size 8 is about 24 inches long. It does stretch, but the boning keeps it from stretching too much.

The overall length was a problem for me because I have a short torso. The back panel is 7 inches long. It is hard to see because of the black fabric, but in this photo you can see the three channels that contain the boning. It is flexible plastic boning. It moves and bends with you while helping the bralet hold it’s shape. There are two in each “wing” and one directly under each cup. The boning under each cup keeps the bralet from flipping up when you are sitting down. I would expect individual results to vary with this, so please take that into consideration.


Center front

The center front of the bralet is slightly shorter then the wings. Please excuse the badly placed tape measure.
The straps are not what I expected. The front portion of the straps is the divide strap shown above. The back is fully adjustable from where it joins the front with a normal circle bra hardware. Now when it comes to full bust design the straps are the one thing I am not sure of. I know my boobs weigh about 3 pounds, and the straps do not dig on my shoulders in any way. But I’m not sure how these thin (and cute!) straps would hold up to heavier boobs. There is plenty of support from the long fit and boning in the bralet, but the straps will carry some weight. I look forward to hearing how someone with a set of naturally heavier boobs will do.


The back of the bralet is a single set of closures, great for a fashion piece. I know many women would like to see more hooks and eyes, but I think that would negatively alter the appearance of the back of the bralet. It is a bralet top for a night out, not a bra.


One concern that was brought to my attention on Facebook was the width of the gore. So I thought I’d include a quick photo to show you how wide the gore is.
20130724-150400.jpgAnd finally, me wearing the bralet. Now like I said before I asked for sizing help. The 8 is definitely ideal for me. But I was nursing when I consulted for size, in this picture I am not nursing. So I had to throw a few push up pads in the bottom to get the shape to be a bit better. So because of that the 8 Fab is too large in the cups for me. The wire is great. The wire size in this is what you’d find in a 28H/30GG. But the volume allowance will allow for a larger bust. I think this would be a great size for about a 28J or so. The other thing you may see in this picture is where the bottom of the bralet fits me. My waist is a bit higher and my torso a bit shorter than what an ideal fit would be. I’m 5’1.5″ and most of my height is in my legs. So that is something to consider if you want to order the bralets. Because of where it hits on my torso I struggled a bit to find something that I would wear this with. If I had a longer torso this could easily be pare with skinny jeans with almost any rise, a fitted pencil skirt, or skinny fit cropped pants. For an example check out Le Curvy Kitten’s post on crop tops for full bust gals.

So overall, while I love this top it is not suited for me. I will be passing it on to another blogger who hopefully will have a bit more look with the fit. So stay tuned here to find out who will be reviewing it next. Until then take a peek at the MIP bikini that made its way onto the website a few days ago. It’s available in pink and teal for £32 or $49.
MIP Bikini

Bra fitting- Seattle Nordstrom

Bra fitting in the US is one of those things women do not regularly do. The idea of going to get a fitting ramps up the anxiety levels in a lot of women. We are faced with the idea of being topless in front of a stranger, not a comforting thought. So most women just avoid it.

In the breast augmentation world there is an excitement that is attached to your first bra fitting after surgery. Some women will run straight to Victoria’s Secret as soon as the feel up to making the drive. Nothing against VS or their product, but they are not who I’d recommend for your first fitting. I have never been able to give much for personal recommendations as I’ve never been lucky enough to have fittings at multiple places. But one name you’ll see often is Nordstrom. Many ladies will choose Nordstrom as their first fitting. Just recently I was able to see why.

Through a hectic couple of weeks of travel with a baby (including getting my twin sister to try a new size) our final stop was Seattle. The schedule was full, but a few short hours opened up before flying out. So to the mall we went. I was able to have my first fitting at Nordstrom.

Now at the time I was in a bit of a boob conundrum. I had been nursing for 7 1/2 months, but things were going down hill. A change like this is not the best time for a fitting, ideally I would go while nursing was established or she was completely weaned. But you gotta take the opportunity when it happens.

This particular Nordstrom is undergoing renovation. I stopped at the bathroom before heading up to lingerie and the women’s restroom was previously the men’s room and their was a curtain across the urinal wall. Not what I was expecting. From here my expectations dropped to about as low as they could go, but I tried to give the benefit of the doubt. Construction and renovation has to happen, the timing was just bad.

So we make our way around the first floor looking for a directory. Nothing. I’m kind of wondering, maybe it was misplaced with the renovations. So we head to the elevator, a perk of a baby in a stroller. There we found one area no getting renovated that definitely needed it. I had a flash back to my early years. But we also found out which floor the lingerie department was in.

As I walked through the lingerie department my hopes continue to sink. I saw Calvin Klein, Wacoal, DNKY, and other brands. Nothing in my size range. Finally I see some Chantelle, as I keep looking I see one rack with Freya, Panache, and Cleo. My hope comes back only to be dashed by the store associate that approached me. I told her I was looking for 28 bands and that I’d like to be fitted as I was experiencing changes due to nursing. She immediately told me that they no longer carried 28s but offered a fitting.

The fitting was a very simple process. She measured my underbust while I was in my bra, declared that I did need a 28 (measurement was 26 inches), then went to grab a few fit bras. She told me that while they did not have any 28s we could at least establish a cup volume. The first bra was a 30H Chantelle, which is a 30FF in UK sizing. The wire width was great, but the gore was lifting horribly. Because of that she grabbed a few more for me to try, unfortunately nothing was just right.

The last bra she brought for me to try was a 30G Freya Deco. I’ve wanted to try this bra forever. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, but I really wanted to just try. At this point the fitter and I started talking about specific fit issues I was having. The biggest issue is the lifting center gore, which means to go up a size in most cases. But going up in size until I have a flat center gore results in too much space behind the breast before the wire hits. So here is where I come to a conundrum. Which fitting issue would I rather have? I could feasibly size down to a much more manageable size range, one with different cup construction and more availability.   Something that I’ll be seriously considering over the next few weeks.

And just because there is no fitting post that is complete with out some bra pictures, below you’ll see the 30G Freya Deco.




Brand Introduction- Made In Preston

Made In Preston is a newly launched clothing company for the full bust woman (stay tuned for bras!). The company is the conception of Nikki Hesford, the woman behind Miss Fit UK and The Big Bra Bar. You may have seen Nikki on Dragon’s Den  in the fall of 2012. Fort US readers, think Shark Tank. On the MIP blog brand founder and Managing Director Nikki states, “Made In Preston is a fashion brand like no other; resonating Northern sincerity, glamorous charm and feminist attitude, girls all over the world will be wishing they had big bangers to buy our bras and clothing!”

There is a key difference in MIP, one that I find to be very appealing. If you check out the about page you’ll see that the MIP name comes from the fact that “everything is designed, sampled, graded, produced and packaged here at our factory in Preston by our Prestonian (and one Lancastrian!) work-force.” Now, I’m not in the UK, but I buy regularly from retailers that are in the UK. I absolutely love buying from a retailer/designer/company that supports the community it is based in. Some may think that it’s contrary to buy from a company that is outside my community or country, but that is not the point to me. Locally based or foreign, community based retailers help the economy of their community.

MIP White Military Dress £36

MIP White Military Dress £36

Community economics aside, there is more benefit for the buyer. The dress that maybe out of stock can make a quick turn around with a local factory. There is no wait time for a shipment or waiting for a bulk purchase. Then there are design considerations. Before their launch MIP reached out through their Facebook page for women willing to test their product and provide feedback. Nikki provided some insight to this through email. “It is a learning curve for us though and the beauty of MIP is that because we design, sample, manufacture everything all under our own roof, if we find ways to improve a style in terms of fit, we can do that very easily. For us, amending the pattern is just a case of going upstairs, getting it out of a cabinet and altering it!” Pretty amazing right? By providing feedback you can help the design team learn what is a feature or improvement that is needed in every size or maybe an individual fit concern. For example, if ten women across several sizes say that a sleeve is too tight the pattern and subsequent garments can be changed to reflect that need.

Africa bralet £35

Of course with all of this comes design problems and struggles. The current size range is 6-16 with three bust size accommodations (Fit, Foxy, & Fab). That is a total of 18 different sizes meant to cover a range of 48 bra sizes (26DD-36HH). You also have styles like the bralets that have underwire, which are sized in a range. For example, the 8 Fab bralet has a 28H/30GG underwire. But an 8 Fab may be worn by a woman who needs anything from a 26 band to a 34 (really the sizing possibilities are endless).  Talk about some design complexities! So there will be women that may not find the perfect fit in a particular style, just like a dress from Pepperberry or a top from Biu Biu. It’s not a flaw in any company, design, or individual’s body, it is just something that happens when you are designing a line and trying to fit as many shapes and sizes as possible. I have already learned that one particular design does not work on my body shape, but I know it will work on plenty of other women (more on that to come). I hope that the LBD design works for me, I’ve been eyeing it from the time I saw it on the website.

Little Black Dress £42

Made In Preston currently has dresses with a price range of £35-45 ($58-63 at current exchange rates) and tops with a range of £35-40 ($58-61 at current exchange), all with free UK postage ($7.50 for US delivery). Stay tuned for updates on MIP’s line of bras as matching bottoms. You can find MIP on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This is a sample only! Please note this is a model shot, so we can't expect a perfect fit.

This is a sample only! Please note this is a model shot, so we can’t expect a perfect fit.

Breastfeeding with implants

I have not done an update about breastfeeding for a while. It’s not because I don’t want to share it with you, I really do. But it’s been hard. Really hard. Breastfeeding does not come easy, pretty much every woman has problems to overcome. My problems came in a very unexpected form. I know I’m still dealing with the emotional impact.

No one goes into this expecting major problems. You expect the normal, painful latch, bleeding nipples, thrush, mastitis. I did not deal with any of these. What I dealt with is chronic low supply due to insufficient glandular tissue (IGT). Basically, I am missing a good portion of the milk producing tissue in the breast.

IGT often goes with Hypoplastic breasts, known as tuberous breast deformity in the plastic surgery world. But I did not have tuberous breasts. What I did have was severely underdeveloped breasts. I had always worried that having small breasts naturally would be a problem with breastfeeding, but like you hear over and over, size is not an indicator of how much milk you can produce. While I was worried I also let that be a comfort. My problems with low supply were a bit blindsiding.

When Gabrielle was born I was able to let her nurse almost right away. I knew to ask for help from a lactation consultant right away to start with a good latch instead of working to correct one. I was given a nipple shield right away for borderline flat nipples. We did great while at the hospital and home. Until Gabrielle went in for her first well baby appointment and it was discovered that she had lost too much weight and couldn’t keep her body temperature up.

To make a long story short, after a hospital stay to get her back to healthy we went home and routine changed. I was constantly pumping to see how much she was getting, she was getting bottles. Nursing had stopped. After two weeks of this I had enough and went back to nursing then following with a bottle.

I spent time working on pumping to try and improve milk supply. I ate oatmeal (I hate it), drank dark beer, took supplements. I even ordered medication online, medication not FDA approved for lactation but that had the side effect of increasing milk supply in lactating women. At my peak I was able to produce what is considered a half supply (3oz every 6 hours while pumping, full is 3oz every 3 hours, pumping carries by each woman). It wasn’t easy, both on the body and mentally/emotionally.

We worked through low supply, nursing strikes, bottle preference issues. We worked through frustration and tears.

I promised my husband that I would stop all the extras once Gabrielle was 6 months old, and I did. She still is nursing now at close to 8 months. But it is more casual nursing. What she gets is very limited, but there is more benefits to nursing then just breast milk.

Through all of this I learned that the changes I had during pregnancy were more about healing from my pervious surgery (3 months before pregnancy) and pregnancy weight gain, not actual breast changes. Breast changes can be a huge indicator in milk supply for some women while in others it is not an indication at all. It gave me a false sense of confidence. But on the good side the limited changes I had in pregnancy and nursing made it so now I have no real difference in my breasts. Of course that could change as the last of my milk fries up, but it’s doubtful. That is the biggest concern expressed by most women who are pregnant after a breast augmentation.

When it comes to the entire experience I can say it was more stressful then I was expecting. Everything I was prepared for die not happen. And even the more natural look I thought I would have afterward hasn’t happened.

I’m not really sure what will happen from here. It is a follow the baby’s lead. I am glad that I pushed so hard, even with the stress and emotional toll it took. I am also glad I never really invested in good nursing bras. I did not have size changes through the day, so a good fitting nursing bra wasn’t as essential for me. Gabrielle and I have passed every goal I had set once problems started. Everything past 6 months is icing on the cake.

Parfait by Affinitas size expansion

Most of you all know what my kryptonite bra is. A bra I wore as a 28FF (in a 30FF), a bra I was so sad that I cannot wear anymore. So you ca imagine my excitement to read an email from A Sophisticated Pair and the Parfait by Affinitas press release. The announcement includes great news about the future of Parfait by Affinitas sizing. Ladies, the Charlotte in a 28 band and up to a K cup in all band sizes! And that’s not all! Please read the press release below.

“Due to high customer demand, leading full bust lingerie brand Parfait is thrilled to announce expanded cup & band sizing for Fall. The best-selling Charlotte Padded Bra, Sophia Wire Bra and ever-popular Alexis Babydoll will be available in new sizes GG, H, HH, J, JJ and K, while the Charlotte Padded Bra will also be available in a 28 band. Expanded styles will begin hitting retailers nationwide this August.

Leading the size expansion is Parfait all-time favorite Charlotte, a style that launched with Parfait’s initial debut back in Fall 2010. The Charlotte Padded Bra will be available up to K cup in Peach/Black, Red/Black, Dusty Rose and brand new colorway Wild Pink, also introducing a 28 band size in all colorways and all cup sizes. Best-selling Alexis will expand to K cup as well in the popular Babydoll silhouette, available in Ivory and Black. Rounding out the roster is newer style Sophia, whose Wire Bra will be available up to K cup in Black, Pearl White and European Nude.

“We have heard and listened to the growing feedback from our dedicated fanbase for expanding sizing, and are so pleased to be able to meet their wishes after extensive research, development and fit testing. As a brand committed to providing full bust women worldwide the best in quality, fit and style, we couldn’t be happier to announce that expanded cup sizes are here!” Keng Zhang, President, Parfait by Affinitas

Stay tuned, Parfait plans on rolling out additional styles in expanded sizes in future seasons.”
20130613-174639.jpg Charlotte, Sophia Wired Bra, Alexis Babydoll

The Modesty Panel

I am part of a group of bloggers, all of which tackle bust related issues. When you talk about boobs one thing that is bound to come up is modesty. Every one of us has different thoughts about modesty, and we’ve decided to share them this week. You’ll find viewpoints of a mother, a feminist, an obese woman, a corporate climber and so many more.

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So first off, what is a modesty panel? You know those mass-produced camisoles or clip in panels that attach to your bra straps that cover your cleavage? Those are modesty panels. If you are anything like me you get the reason the exist but are frustrated by their very existence. Why does anyone need to have a modesty panel to cover their chest?

The bloggers linked above all address modesty and their ideas. I wanted to address modesty from the perspective of a woman with implants. I know we have all heard the stereotypes, the assumptions that women get implants just to show them off. Well, the assumption and stereotype comes from somewhere right? Sure there are women that want to show them off, why shouldn’t they? But it’s not the only reason women get implants.

Modesty and breast implants…. To some that may seem contradictory. In the eyes of many breast implants only serve the purpose of enhancing a sexual object. Sure, for some that is the purpose. But the majority of women have an augmentation done after having children to restore the volume they lost during pregnancy or nursing. They are not really enhancing anything as much as they are doing what they can to return themselves to what they had previously. These women are taking control of their body image and turning it into what they feel they should be.

The same goes for many other women, women that may not have developed breasts. Surgery to give them breasts, the breasts they have dreamed of, does not change their modesty. Many women who have surgery for this reason actually do as much as they can to hide it. They slowly add padding to their bras, they wear clothing to minimize the chances that anyone would notice. Once things settle back to normal they bring out their normal clothing style.

The reality of breast implants and modesty is that things don’t really change. The woman does not change. If she liked to show off her body before chances are she still will. If she liked to dress modestly before, she probably still will. I still dress the same now. I dress the same as I did when I had nonexistent boobs, as when I wore a 28FF, and now wearing a 28HH. I haven’t felt the need to change things. Some people may find it to be immodest to have my t-shirt pull a little tighter across the breasts or that my v-neck thermal shirts show a bit more chest. But I don’t see it any different then wearing the style of jeans that I love. I’m not a modest dresser or a flashy dresser. But no one has ever had a problem with my fitted jeans, I like to think of them as butt huggers. Why should they have a problem with how my clothes fit my breasts? And why the heck does it matter if those breasts are implants or home-grown?

Do you have a stance on modesty? If you have implants, has it changed how you dress? Has it changed how people feel about how you dress?

Ewa Michalak CHP Fiolek

Photo from Ewa Michalak

Photo from Ewa Michalak

I purchased this bra from another user on Bratabase. I’m actually not the first owner, it has made its way through a few homes before coming to mine, four that I know of. If it wasn’t for Bratabase I would never have purchased this bra in the size I have it in. User measurements on Bratabase made it very clear, the cups on this bra come up small. This bra is a 60JJ (28JJ), the largest size that I own. But it is sized small. So far I have a slightly small PL in 60HH and an HP in 60J that fit, so having a 60JJ was quite a surprise for me.


Though it runs small in the cups the 60JJ comes up higher on me then what I like. I’m not sure if this is due to sizing, this bra, or the CHP cut. You can see it looks similar on Voluptuous, but Beautiful. The cups curve in a bit at the top, this also leads me to believe that the cups are a bit higher.

From the side you can see there is quite a lot of cup depth, but like with most bras the wires are too wide for me. I’m willing to deal with the extra width for the cup depth that I need.

The CHP style has the typical vertical seam construction seen on all Ewa Michalak half cups. The shape and design of this bra is meant to lift and round out the breasts. It’s not as open of a half cup style as the CH or HP. There is more projection in the cup then the HP, so those that prefer the look of a more forward projecting breast should get along fine with this style.

The plaid center bow is a nice touch in the gore, if a bit unexpected. The color of this bra is like a blue periwinkle, so plaid is not what I would have chosen to accent. It works and is cute. It’s definitely not a lumberjack plaid.
There are four sets of three hooks & eyes, great for extending the life of the bra. By the time the bra got to me there was some wear so I cannot tell you accurately how right the band is on a new bra. The inside of the cups are the same black as the HP Kobalt I previously reviewed. It’s a soft comfortable material.
Finally, not pictured are the straps. The straps have a textured embroidery that makes it difficult to adjust the straps. It’s cute, it keeps them from sliding longer on you, but it’s a pain during the adjustment process. The annoyance is worth the trouble though, so take that for what it’s worth to you. Personal preference on the straps.

My biggest complaint has to do with construction. Special order sizes are sister sized down from a bigger size. So this 60JJ (28JJ) has the same construction of an 80GG (36GG). There is no grading down of the cup, the height stays high. No change to the strap placement, they are wider for shoulders on a 36 band frame. Same with the center gore. To me it does not make sense to pay extra for a special order size that is just sister sized down from a wider band. It creates major fit issues. I think that the extra wide wires and the wide strap placement are directly tied to this sizing down process.

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That awkward moment….

When you are between bra sizes. One is too big and the size down is too small. What do you do? Buy the bigger size or the smaller? Does the shape of your breast (or implants) factor into this?
Personally I buy the bigger (usually). I don’t want to encourage tissue migration with the smaller cup. Besides I can put in a stitch or two easier then the can get some extra space.

What about when there are things that just are not perfect with your fit? What are you willing to sacrifice to find a bra that is comfortable and fits enough to wear? I always have a wire that’s too wide, I’ve come to expect that as a limitation for the fit of all my bras. I’m hoping Comexim will fix that, but until then I have emptiness at the sideboob in order to get the proper cup depth.

I want to know what your bra fitting issues are. What do you let slide and what is a no go for buying a bra? Is there an unforgivable bra sin that you commit?

Guest Post- Affinitas Intimates Honey Babydoll

Below is a guest review from B of the Parfait by Affinitas Honey Babydoll. I sent this to B to review, I won it in a Facebook contest, but unfortunately it did not fit. I tried it on and used it for the images in the post The Molded Cup Bra Delima.


This is a review of the Affinitas Honey Babydoll. A friend of mine recently sent it to me to write a review, first off i would like to say that i have never owned a baby doll before, this is the first. My first thoughts on it before trying it on was how cute and simple it was… nothing too fancy and something i would possibly be able to wear to bed on a regular basis. Since having a breast augmentation i have needed to wear a bra to bed every night… 24/7 support my surgeon said, so that is what i have been doing, i am always one for following instructions exactly how they were given. So for the past 2 years i have been wearing underwire bras to bed. It took a little while to find some that were comfortable to sleep in all night long. What i love about this baby doll is that it has underwires… so no need for a bra cause its already built in.

Image from AffinitasIntimates.com

Image from AffinitasIntimates.com

My first night in the baby doll went good, the fabric is nice, nothing fancy. The band is a 30″ and i normally wear a 28″ though i didn’t really mind as i like my band to be a little loose when I’m sleeping so i don’t have to deal with digging wires. Wearing the band on the second hook which is good… i think it would be safe to say that maybe the band runs a little smaller then normal but not by much. I would like to see how a 28″ band fits. The cups on this baby doll are a G and fit me perfectly, no spillage and nicely snug. Usually i worry about falling out well sleeping when the band is a little big for me but no problem there, the girls stayed right in place all night long.

Now since i am use to sleeping in just some undies and a bra i was a little worried about all the rolling around i do and the skirt of the baby doll getting tangled up and making me uncomfortable at night but that was not the case at all. I have been wearing it for almost a week now and i have not once woken up and hand to readjust… I’m not sure why that is as i know I’m one for tossing and turning, maybe its the deep cut out in the back that helps the fabric not tangle? not sure but i like it.

Image from AffinitasIntimates.com

Image from AffinitasIntimates.com

So my finale verdict on the baby doll is that i love it, it fits (for the most part, minus the band being a little big but i expected that) its comfortable and not too fancy that i can wear it every night and not feel bad about ruining some nice lingerie…. And honestly i feel a little sexier then wearing a bra and panties to bed. I think this might be the first of many baby dolls to enter my collection.

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