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Review Parfait by Affinitas Fiona by Gettingmomback

First, thank you to ByBaby’sRules for inviting me to participate here!  Thank you to all of her readers who have read my reviews of Casey and Jeanie.  I hope they’ve been helpful, and at least a little bit interesting to read 🙂   Today I’d like to talk about one of my newest additions to …

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Review ~ Parfait by Affinitas Casey and Jeanie

I will come right out and say it from the start.  I LOVE Parfait by Affinitas.  Seriously, I LOVE this brand!  I have 5 styles for far (Charlotte, Casey, Jeanie, Kelly-padded, and Bess-padded). I have tried 1 other, Anna-padded.  I have on order Fiona, Tamara, Saffron, Tanya-padded, and Donna-padded, plus 2 more of Casey.  As …

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