Panache Sports Bra

This bra was provided by Large Cup Lingerie. All opinions are my own. Unfortunately the pink is out of stock, but they do have the black, grey, & white. I’m sure that the will also carry the next set of fashion colors. The Panache Sport is currently 38£, which at current exchange is $60.

This review was a long time coming. I tested this bra in every way I could to see what it would be great for or not so great for. I put it through the wringer!

Let’s start with sizing. I have sizing issues with this bra. No matter what I do I cannot get the gore to sit flat. I seem to need a 28GG 1/2. The 28GG is a touch small, the 28H is a touch big. It’s still functional in either size, but I may pick one size over the other depending on the needs. I have tried the black in 28GG and the pink in 28H. There is some sizing difference between the band lengths of the two. Sorry for the messy bed picture!

Black 28GG, pink 28H

Black 28GG, pink 28H

It is not really visible from the size view, but I have a tiny bit of emptiness at the deepest part of the cup. But only on my smaller side (right), the left is OK. The wire width is also visible here, which you can see is too wide for me. Pretty much every wire is too wide, but it is comfortable. That is my priority when it comes to wire width.


The reason for the comfort is probably the padded wire. The picture below shows the wire and the bend of the padded wire casing. To me this is pretty important for consideration outside the activewear purposes. For women who may need to wear an underwire after a breast surgery I would highly suggest this one. The padded underwire is ideal for sore and healing breasts. It won’t be perfect, you’ll still be uncomfortable, but it will most likely be much more comfortable than a normal wire bra. Side wing and wire

I don’t really think you can see it here, but this shows the front seam that curves down and around the cup. This gives the bra a seamless shape under many clothing items, but I’m not totally sure of its purpose. I do not know anything about bra construction so I won’t make any assumptions for what it is for. Front of bra

The inside of the cup is completely seamless. This is great for when you have sweaty boobs. Personally I do not find this material to be extra absorbing, but it does OK. If you are a heavy sweater you should expect to soak through. With working out I tend to have skin fluctuations. So any seams can dig in and be very uncomfortable. No problems with the cups and seeming, I find that very appealing in this bra. Inside of the cup

The underwire does not go up the entire center front of the bra. It does go a little high for me personally, but many women do not have complaints about the heights. It does not work well for my close-set boobs, I just do not have the space for the wires to squish in there to sit flat. The floating gore does seem to change the support factor, but more on that below.

Center Gore

The back of the bra is a standard hook/eye closure with straight straps. There is a hook that can be used to convert this to a racer back. If I could figure out how to hook it while on or how to wiggle into it with the straps hooked. Is it even possible or do I need a bra buddy to hook me in?
Back of the bra

Something random that I noticed, the underarm area. Depending on what I am doing the cup/strap area will dig because it is too high. But I also get the underarm fat look which makes it look like it is too low. No idea what is going on with that. Here you can also see a close up of the straps, which are also nicely padded. Another great feature to see in sports bras.


Last but not least, clothing. I usually wear some kind of basic tank. The one below is a cheapy from Forever 21. The bra shows both from the side and from the front. But that is from the design of the tank, not the fault of the bra. Any less coverage in the underarm/sideboob area would not be enough coverage.
20130909-153636.jpgSo what did I use this bra for, how did it do, and why?

Hiking- A+ This bra was amazing while hiking. No shifting, comfortable, supporting. Perfect under hiking clothes.

Tossing wood- B+ I tested this while stacking wood for this winter. It did great except I noticed shifting with twisting movements. That is probably because the back could be more firm on me.

Running/stair running- C This just did not work for me as a high impact bra. I think part of that is because the floating gore. The rest is because this bra is an encapsulation style sports bra, no compression. Most full bust bras in this size range will be encapsulation. Because I have breast implants my needs are a bit different. I need some compression to limit bounce. More on that in a future post on working out with breast implants.

Sleeping- A I can sleep easily in this bra. I don’t mind sleeping in wires, but many women will not. I do have some issues with the wire digging with certain bending movements, this is because the bra band and the bend of my waist are very close together.

Weight training/calisthenics B+ The only reason this does not get an A for me is because the previously mentioned wire digging and shifting with twisting movements. I have digging of the wires with sit ups or crunches, shifting of the back band with oblique twists.

Post operative (ungraded) I would have loved to have had this bra when I had to have a revision. I wore an underwire bra after one week. I would have loved to have a padded wire! If anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know, I’d love to add that to the review!



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