Made In Preston- Aztec Bralet

If you are anything like me, when a new company is showing you sneak peeks on Facebook you get incredibly impatient. Made In Preston has been doing that for a while now.  Finally their site is live (seriously, it felt like forever!), and those sneak peeks are now available for purchase. Last week I did a little brand overview to tell you a little bit about what MIP is about. Today you get to see the Aztec bralet.

Disclosure: This product was provided to me for the purposes of this review. All opinions are mine alone, regardless of the origins of the product.


Aztec bralet fabric design

I won’t lie, when you hear about a bralet designed for a full bust customer you cannot help but be skeptical. I honestly expected something like what you would see from Forever 21 or a similar US vendor. So I was pleasantly surprised when this came. The quality is much better then what you would buy in the US. We will talk design and construction in a bit, but just the fabric and overall look is much better.


This little heart is important! Pay attention!

When it came in the mail I was pretty excited. It came very quickly, so I was not expecting it. So I just tore right into the pink packaging see what was inside. So that means you get a few pictures of a little bit of torn tissue paper and the cute sticker that sealed the package instead of the nicely sealed package that was delivered to my door.


Look at this tag!

The package included branded tissue paper sealed with the heart sticker. Simple, clean, but individualized. There is no extra fluff or packaging.  Just the symbol that have come to be associated with the name Made In Preston, that pink heart. If you look at the tag above you’ll see the logo complete with the heart you see on the sealing sticker. The second hang tag on the inside and the brand tag on the garment also have this simple heart design. The second tag politely asks you to check your purchase before removal. The one thing I think is missing is the size. The size is handwritten on the hang tag after the garment is completed. There is no size tag that is placed in the garment. So no going back to check what size you ordered before. Now a note on sizing and that cute little heart. If you look at the MIP site you’ll see that heart used to illustrate the size range, Fit, Foxy, or Fab. I think that is quite the cute way to illustrate a woman’s curved shape and the different sizes of curves that we come in.


Size 8 Fab, measurement laid flat

I was not sure what size to choose, but a quick chat with support was incredibly helpful.  Based on other UK based retailers I expected to need to order a size 6. MIP is size true to size, unlike many other UK full bust clothing lines. So please consult their sizing before you order. As the picture above shows, laid flat the size 8 is about 24 inches long. It does stretch, but the boning keeps it from stretching too much.

The overall length was a problem for me because I have a short torso. The back panel is 7 inches long. It is hard to see because of the black fabric, but in this photo you can see the three channels that contain the boning. It is flexible plastic boning. It moves and bends with you while helping the bralet hold it’s shape. There are two in each “wing” and one directly under each cup. The boning under each cup keeps the bralet from flipping up when you are sitting down. I would expect individual results to vary with this, so please take that into consideration.


Center front

The center front of the bralet is slightly shorter then the wings. Please excuse the badly placed tape measure.
The straps are not what I expected. The front portion of the straps is the divide strap shown above. The back is fully adjustable from where it joins the front with a normal circle bra hardware. Now when it comes to full bust design the straps are the one thing I am not sure of. I know my boobs weigh about 3 pounds, and the straps do not dig on my shoulders in any way. But I’m not sure how these thin (and cute!) straps would hold up to heavier boobs. There is plenty of support from the long fit and boning in the bralet, but the straps will carry some weight. I look forward to hearing how someone with a set of naturally heavier boobs will do.


The back of the bralet is a single set of closures, great for a fashion piece. I know many women would like to see more hooks and eyes, but I think that would negatively alter the appearance of the back of the bralet. It is a bralet top for a night out, not a bra.


One concern that was brought to my attention on Facebook was the width of the gore. So I thought I’d include a quick photo to show you how wide the gore is.
20130724-150400.jpgAnd finally, me wearing the bralet. Now like I said before I asked for sizing help. The 8 is definitely ideal for me. But I was nursing when I consulted for size, in this picture I am not nursing. So I had to throw a few push up pads in the bottom to get the shape to be a bit better. So because of that the 8 Fab is too large in the cups for me. The wire is great. The wire size in this is what you’d find in a 28H/30GG. But the volume allowance will allow for a larger bust. I think this would be a great size for about a 28J or so. The other thing you may see in this picture is where the bottom of the bralet fits me. My waist is a bit higher and my torso a bit shorter than what an ideal fit would be. I’m 5’1.5″ and most of my height is in my legs. So that is something to consider if you want to order the bralets. Because of where it hits on my torso I struggled a bit to find something that I would wear this with. If I had a longer torso this could easily be pare with skinny jeans with almost any rise, a fitted pencil skirt, or skinny fit cropped pants. For an example check out Le Curvy Kitten’s post on crop tops for full bust gals.

So overall, while I love this top it is not suited for me. I will be passing it on to another blogger who hopefully will have a bit more look with the fit. So stay tuned here to find out who will be reviewing it next. Until then take a peek at the MIP bikini that made its way onto the website a few days ago. It’s available in pink and teal for £32 or $49.
MIP Bikini


  1. It’s a shame it didn’t work for you because I love the print and design! Maybe future tops will have a narrower center gore for you.

  2. The colors are beautiful! Living in the southwest we are inundated with horrid versions of Aztec style prints, but the fabric is actually very pretty on this piece. I like it!

    • I went to high school in the South West. I wasn’t a fan of the fabric at first either. But in person, so much better. It is much prettier in person then the photos show.


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