The Modesty Panel

I am part of a group of bloggers, all of which tackle bust related issues. When you talk about boobs one thing that is bound to come up is modesty. Every one of us has different thoughts about modesty, and we’ve decided to share them this week. You’ll find viewpoints of a mother, a feminist, an obese woman, a corporate climber and so many more.

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So first off, what is a modesty panel? You know those mass-produced camisoles or clip in panels that attach to your bra straps that cover your cleavage? Those are modesty panels. If you are anything like me you get the reason the exist but are frustrated by their very existence. Why does anyone need to have a modesty panel to cover their chest?

The bloggers linked above all address modesty and their ideas. I wanted to address modesty from the perspective of a woman with implants. I know we have all heard the stereotypes, the assumptions that women get implants just to show them off. Well, the assumption and stereotype comes from somewhere right? Sure there are women that want to show them off, why shouldn’t they? But it’s not the only reason women get implants.

Modesty and breast implants…. To some that may seem contradictory. In the eyes of many breast implants only serve the purpose of enhancing a sexual object. Sure, for some that is the purpose. But the majority of women have an augmentation done after having children to restore the volume they lost during pregnancy or nursing. They are not really enhancing anything as much as they are doing what they can to return themselves to what they had previously. These women are taking control of their body image and turning it into what they feel they should be.

The same goes for many other women, women that may not have developed breasts. Surgery to give them breasts, the breasts they have dreamed of, does not change their modesty. Many women who have surgery for this reason actually do as much as they can to hide it. They slowly add padding to their bras, they wear clothing to minimize the chances that anyone would notice. Once things settle back to normal they bring out their normal clothing style.

The reality of breast implants and modesty is that things don’t really change. The woman does not change. If she liked to show off her body before chances are she still will. If she liked to dress modestly before, she probably still will. I still dress the same now. I dress the same as I did when I had nonexistent boobs, as when I wore a 28FF, and now wearing a 28HH. I haven’t felt the need to change things. Some people may find it to be immodest to have my t-shirt pull a little tighter across the breasts or that my v-neck thermal shirts show a bit more chest. But I don’t see it any different then wearing the style of jeans that I love. I’m not a modest dresser or a flashy dresser. But no one has ever had a problem with my fitted jeans, I like to think of them as butt huggers. Why should they have a problem with how my clothes fit my breasts? And why the heck does it matter if those breasts are implants or home-grown?

Do you have a stance on modesty? If you have implants, has it changed how you dress? Has it changed how people feel about how you dress?


  1. This is something you know I need to read because I’ve bought into that stereotype in the past. However, now you’ve got me wondering if one reason for my thinking that is your statement that “These women are taking control of their body image and turning it into what they feel they should be.” Women with large breasts who are modest out of shame or embarrassment may feel that they have no control of their body image, hence the hiding. Women who are being proactive about their body image are unlikely to be hiding anything out of shame.

    • Good point! It’s not a thought that crossed my mind while writing, but it makes complete sense to me. That in itself would make an interesting post. I’d like to see someone write about that some time soon.

  2. I’m so glad you addressed this issue! The stereotypes surrounding implants are plentiful, and I have heard on many occasion that the only reason women get implants is to show them off to others or, more specifically, men. Taking aside the heterosexual component of this, I think it’s interesting why there are such strong feelings about women who choose to get implants. So far, all of my implant customers got them because they were either unhappy with their breasts after kids or they never developed the breasts they hoped. None of them said they have to show them off or that they wanted them for men. It was a very personal decision, and I think it is wonderful how you share your journey here.


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