Ewa Michalak CHP Fiolek

Photo from Ewa Michalak

Photo from Ewa Michalak

I purchased this bra from another user on Bratabase. I’m actually not the first owner, it has made its way through a few homes before coming to mine, four that I know of. If it wasn’t for Bratabase I would never have purchased this bra in the size I have it in. User measurements on Bratabase made it very clear, the cups on this bra come up small. This bra is a 60JJ (28JJ), the largest size that I own. But it is sized small. So far I have a slightly small PL in 60HH and an HP in 60J that fit, so having a 60JJ was quite a surprise for me.


Though it runs small in the cups the 60JJ comes up higher on me then what I like. I’m not sure if this is due to sizing, this bra, or the CHP cut. You can see it looks similar on Voluptuous, but Beautiful. The cups curve in a bit at the top, this also leads me to believe that the cups are a bit higher.

From the side you can see there is quite a lot of cup depth, but like with most bras the wires are too wide for me. I’m willing to deal with the extra width for the cup depth that I need.

The CHP style has the typical vertical seam construction seen on all Ewa Michalak half cups. The shape and design of this bra is meant to lift and round out the breasts. It’s not as open of a half cup style as the CH or HP. There is more projection in the cup then the HP, so those that prefer the look of a more forward projecting breast should get along fine with this style.

The plaid center bow is a nice touch in the gore, if a bit unexpected. The color of this bra is like a blue periwinkle, so plaid is not what I would have chosen to accent. It works and is cute. It’s definitely not a lumberjack plaid.
There are four sets of three hooks & eyes, great for extending the life of the bra. By the time the bra got to me there was some wear so I cannot tell you accurately how right the band is on a new bra. The inside of the cups are the same black as the HP Kobalt I previously reviewed. It’s a soft comfortable material.
Finally, not pictured are the straps. The straps have a textured embroidery that makes it difficult to adjust the straps. It’s cute, it keeps them from sliding longer on you, but it’s a pain during the adjustment process. The annoyance is worth the trouble though, so take that for what it’s worth to you. Personal preference on the straps.

My biggest complaint has to do with construction. Special order sizes are sister sized down from a bigger size. So this 60JJ (28JJ) has the same construction of an 80GG (36GG). There is no grading down of the cup, the height stays high. No change to the strap placement, they are wider for shoulders on a 36 band frame. Same with the center gore. To me it does not make sense to pay extra for a special order size that is just sister sized down from a wider band. It creates major fit issues. I think that the extra wide wires and the wide strap placement are directly tied to this sizing down process.

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  1. Great review and very helpful! I’m waiting for this bra to come in an order I placed a few weeks ago.

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