That awkward moment….

When you are between bra sizes. One is too big and the size down is too small. What do you do? Buy the bigger size or the smaller? Does the shape of your breast (or implants) factor into this?
Personally I buy the bigger (usually). I don’t want to encourage tissue migration with the smaller cup. Besides I can put in a stitch or two easier then the can get some extra space.

What about when there are things that just are not perfect with your fit? What are you willing to sacrifice to find a bra that is comfortable and fits enough to wear? I always have a wire that’s too wide, I’ve come to expect that as a limitation for the fit of all my bras. I’m hoping Comexim will fix that, but until then I have emptiness at the sideboob in order to get the proper cup depth.

I want to know what your bra fitting issues are. What do you let slide and what is a no go for buying a bra? Is there an unforgivable bra sin that you commit?


  1. Lisa

    I agree with you. I’m learning I swell in the afternoon, so I need to cup size up one.

  2. For me the center gore has to tack. It just does. I tried on a gorgeous fantasie bra the other day, and band, wire, and cup were all lovely, except the center gore stood away from my sternum by about half a centimeter, and I couldn’t go through with it. I have always compromised on getting a wire shape that was just-so, so I’m more willing to negotiate on wide/narrow wires (as long as they’re comfortable, of course) if everything else is good to go.

  3. I can’t live with wires or wings poking me in the armpits. That alone eliminates 50% of the bras on the market. Next are cups that are so shallow the cups have extra space above and below my breasts. I can live with a less than perfect shape and a gore that doesn’t tack perfectly (I have to, because so far none fit in those areas). I hate seam see-through and will avoid it when I can.

  4. I can’t live with wires sitting on my breast tissue (for me no bra is much better than this, because it was always really painful for me, if not at once, then by the end of the day). Stabbing center gore is the next one. And this eliminates 90% of bras for me, because I need very wide wires and standard height of balconettes center gore == stabbing for me. Bra that moves a lot and constantly needs to be readjusted is a no go too. I don’t really care about supportiveness and I can live with a little bit of gaping in the top of seriously molded cups, if the edge of the cup doesn’t gap.


    Ok someone on the blog is willing to sell me two a ewa pl’s for $70. , includes shipping. The pl black 30HH & the pl burgundy 32H. Do you think I’ll be ok with these with an extender or should I hold out for a 34 band??

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  6. I can’t do straps that are too separate. As far as cup size goes, I’m okay with slight quadboob on my bigger size so I rather too small than too large.

  7. I can’t do wires that are too high. My breasts are already high, and that means that Panache is almost all out for me. I need to try some newer ones with lower wires though….

    I’m willing to live with folds in the bottoms of a cup so long as the rest of the bra fits. I have so much lower projection, a bra that actually fits right up under my boob is rare. Of course, to be a fold that does not cause the bra to creep down the rest of the day….

  8. I’m with you on sizing up in the cup when between sizes.

    I’m not usually willing to sacrifice a rounder shape for support, but I will make do with wires that are somewhat too wide to get enough depth in some bras.

  9. OxC0FFEE

    Bra sin: we don’t hand-wash/dry. We do use lingerie bags in both the washer and the dryer. In defense, bras get laundered much less often than other clothes.

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