Guest Post- Affinitas Intimates Honey Babydoll

Below is a guest review from B of the Parfait by Affinitas Honey Babydoll. I sent this to B to review, I won it in a Facebook contest, but unfortunately it did not fit. I tried it on and used it for the images in the post The Molded Cup Bra Delima.


This is a review of the Affinitas Honey Babydoll. A friend of mine recently sent it to me to write a review, first off i would like to say that i have never owned a baby doll before, this is the first. My first thoughts on it before trying it on was how cute and simple it was… nothing too fancy and something i would possibly be able to wear to bed on a regular basis. Since having a breast augmentation i have needed to wear a bra to bed every night… 24/7 support my surgeon said, so that is what i have been doing, i am always one for following instructions exactly how they were given. So for the past 2 years i have been wearing underwire bras to bed. It took a little while to find some that were comfortable to sleep in all night long. What i love about this baby doll is that it has underwires… so no need for a bra cause its already built in.

Image from

Image from

My first night in the baby doll went good, the fabric is nice, nothing fancy. The band is a 30″ and i normally wear a 28″ though i didn’t really mind as i like my band to be a little loose when I’m sleeping so i don’t have to deal with digging wires. Wearing the band on the second hook which is good… i think it would be safe to say that maybe the band runs a little smaller then normal but not by much. I would like to see how a 28″ band fits. The cups on this baby doll are a G and fit me perfectly, no spillage and nicely snug. Usually i worry about falling out well sleeping when the band is a little big for me but no problem there, the girls stayed right in place all night long.

Now since i am use to sleeping in just some undies and a bra i was a little worried about all the rolling around i do and the skirt of the baby doll getting tangled up and making me uncomfortable at night but that was not the case at all. I have been wearing it for almost a week now and i have not once woken up and hand to readjust… I’m not sure why that is as i know I’m one for tossing and turning, maybe its the deep cut out in the back that helps the fabric not tangle? not sure but i like it.

Image from

Image from

So my finale verdict on the baby doll is that i love it, it fits (for the most part, minus the band being a little big but i expected that) its comfortable and not too fancy that i can wear it every night and not feel bad about ruining some nice lingerie…. And honestly i feel a little sexier then wearing a bra and panties to bed. I think this might be the first of many baby dolls to enter my collection.

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