Recent Study Claims Bras Are Useless- My response

A recent study conducted by a French sports medicine professor has launched a bra frenzy. There are articles, tweets, and blog posts all over the Internet. A quick google can have you lost in the purgatory of the interwebs. More recent articles include the surprised researcher’s response.
Here’s the my thoughts when it comes to your implants. Stick with what your surgeon tells you! They know exactly what was done, they’ve analyzed your breasts in detail. I’d trust them over a sports medicine professor, small studies, or anything that is not a peer reviewed study. We just don’t know enough about breasts to say anything conclusively. But if you follow your surgeon’s directions you’ll at least have the piece of mind and confidence that you are taking care how you should be.
With implants you have to consider several things. Type of implant. Implant shape. Fill. Placement. Shell structure and texture. Each of these can change the surgical techniques used and the individuals expected results.
Lets consider placement and the Cooper’s ligament. The Cooper’s ligament is the connective tissue that supports your breast tissue, attaching it to the muscles of your chest wall. By definition it cannot be an actual ligament, ligaments connect bones to bones. That just leaves us with a vague definition of “connective tissue.” Implants placed over the muscle (or under the fascia) can act more like a weight on this ligament. Under the muscle (full, dual plane, or partial unders) all have varying amounts of muscle support for the implants, limiting the pressure placed on the Cooper’s ligament. You need to support your natural tissue, but also the implant, and possibly your muscle. These placements will have different needs for support, not only during recovery but all through the life of the implant.

Breast Anatomy
Another example would be textured anatomical implants vs smooth round implants. Textured implants have a coating over the shell that helps prevent them from sliding down. The texture coating helps lower the risk of bottoming out. Smooth implants do not have this coating. Surgical techniques for placing a textured implant can be different then a smooth implant, same for anatomical vs round. Different surgical techniques and different implant types can mean different needs for support.
So bottom line, there are too many variables to breast implants for a simple study to guide your bra wear. Trust the medical professional that did your surgery, follow their recommendations. They can range from braless, normal bra wear, no wire, wires bra 24/7. What ever they are, follow your surgeon’s recommendations.

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