The Bra Band Project, Expanded!

You guys remember The Bra Band Project? Well it’s expanded!

Christine from Boosaurus has taken the lead and started The Bra Band Project website. But it has expanded to include any size bra, as long as it is properly fitted. Once wonderful women around the world help populate the site you will be able to view properly fitted bras in any size.

A few site features:

-Search for examples of bra sizes by band and/or cup size
-Include “show sister sizes” when searching for a specific size
-Login using an existing account (google, wordpress, etc)
-Submit own photo(s) directly through the site
-Search through various resources (including bra stores)

But we need help! This project cannot expand without your help and your bra images. The sizes up now are limited to those submitted as part of the original project. So we need your submission, complete with size, submitted through the website or emailed to All submissions will be anonymous. The more submissions, the better the website will be!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! 😀 People can now submit photos directly through the site rather than having to email (though emailed submissions are fine, too) – a much more streamlined approach, I think! 🙂

    • I’ll add that in a bit. I just submitted one myself. 🙂

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