Let’s be a little positive!

There have been several posts lately that have really brought some different subjects to my attention.  When you think of lingerie or bra bloggers you have to think about boobs. But many of these ladies have other body insecurities, and they have taken a step out of their comfort zone to break into the positive and share their thoughts with their readers. Chloe from Muscular Hourglass shared some thoughts about her calves. Eternal*Voyageur shares her thoughts on How to be a Woman. Windie from Undiegamer shared her thoughts on sexuality and growth. And finally, Erica from A Sophisticated Pair shared a mind-blowing post on body acceptance.


So starting tomorrow there will be a little mini feature on positivity.  And anyone is welcome to share.  I am going to start by sharing something that I used to dislike about myself that I have grown to appreciate. Some other lingerie bloggers will share some of their thoughts on something they love about themselves.  And of course there is plenty of room for reader comments!  If you’d like to share just send me an email (bybabysrules@gmail.com) or message me on Facebook. You can have your own post, you can remain anonymous, and you can say how you feel about any part of you.


And if you want a hint about what I’ll be talking about I’ll give you one. It has nothing to do with boobs, can be seen as sexy or off-putting, & can be pampered or neglected.

Now because this post is all words and doesn’t look like anything special, I’ll leave you with a cute picture of one of my furbabies. This is Nikki snuggling in a basket of clean socks.  She was bit by another pup today and is needing some extra love and good thoughts.


  1. I’d love to participate- should I send you the content or post it on my own blog?

    • If you’d like your own post you can email it to me, just include any links you’d like shared (other then to your home page, I’ll make sure that is linked in). Or if you’d like to have included with other bloggers for a shorter post that is fine too.

  2. Love the adorable picture of your puppy, and thank you so much for sharing my blog! 🙂

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