Baby update! 36 weeks

It’s been a while. I’m sorry for neglecting you all. I’m going to blame it entirely on being pregnant. First it was painful swelling on my hands do due to hormone changes and fluid retention. I’m still having problems with that, but today is a good day. So typing isn’t painful. Along with those hormonal changes comes other swelling. (A bit gross here) All of your mucus membranes can swell too, which means a clogged nose, irritated sinuses, and pain in the ears. Then you get into sleeping. I’m lucky in the fact that I can sleep comfortably on my back still, don’t worry my OB knows I do it and I wake up and roll over a lot when my body tells me to. And of course with every roll over there is a get up to go pee. I swear I pee more at night then I do during the day. When you live with a pregnant woman your toilet paper costs double.

So on to the updates. Guess what!?! No more boob growth! They have finally stopped gaining size! My ribcage has stabilized and so has my fullest bust measurement. The size I’m wearing depends on the brand. In Curvy Kate I need a 28JJ, but they are way too high under my arm. Cleo I also need a 28JJ. So I’ve been making due with a 28J Freya Faye, which has to be the most awkward fitting bra I have ever met. I’ll try and post a review to show you what I’m talking about. By my measurements the 28J I have fits more like a 30J or 32HH, so 1-2 bandsizes large and a cupsize large. The fit on me is completely horrible, just looking at a picture of me in it as you can immediately identify 3 ways that it just does not fit. But I can feel comfortable in it for most of the day. Desperate boobs call for desperate measures.

The photo above was taken at 34.5 weeks. You can see the previously reviewed Ahh Bra, which is my sleep savior. You can also see how high up the baby is sitting. You can see the thick lower band of the Ahh Bra rolling up into the small area under my bust line. This is why I have had so many issues with wearing a bra. There just isn’t the space for the band and wires to sit properly. Even a wireless maternity bra will roll up or big into the top of my belly.


Sorry for the bad lighting of this photo. This was taken a few days ago, right around 35 weeks. I just want to show shape & size while clothed. In this picture I’m wearing a 28J Curvy Kate Tease Me that is too small. The band on this is more like a 30, which should be fine considering my underbust is measuring 29 inches. But the cups are small, which pulls the band making it tight feeling. In order to get it to sit under the breast where it should be I’d have to hike it up and use the tightest hooks. But then the band is still loose enough to put my fist in the back and pull out a good 3-4 inches. So yeah, bras are not my friend right now.

The most common question I have gotten so far is how my actual breast has changed, and not just size wise. It’s really impossible to show in clothing, so you’ll have to try and imagine what I’m explaining. In regards to my natural size and shape, you can imagine almost nonexistent breasts with no natural crease or hang. My ribcage is small, but oval shaped to my breasts were actually wider placed then what my ideal bra size would be. That resulted in wearing a larger bandsize and the wrong cupsize to get the wire to not sit on my very limited breast tissue.
For where I’m at now, is completely different. Part is surgical changes. My current implants are my second set. My first surgery resulted in a complication called bottoming out. During the repair my surgeon used strong permanently placed sutures to support the implant and create more of a nature hang at the breast crease. Pregnancy has encouraged the formation of that crease, which makes them look a bit more natural. Now looking completely natural isn’t really possible based on my natural anatomy. I was perfectly happy going with a fake/natural look. In addition to the more natural hang I have gained a lot of fullness in the lower portion of my breast. I’ve gained a little bit of sideboob as well. The style implants I have are known for having a lot of projection and fullness in the upper pole. I have not lost that upper pole and I have gained projection. I think that the projection gain is more from the implant releasing during the healing process, not pregnancy. I was about three months out from my revision surgery, so there was plenty of healing to go.

As for pregnancy itself, things are going as best as you can expect. I measure about 2 weeks behind, but that is OK because I am a pretty small person. As long as I gain weight like I should then there is nothing to worry about. Because I am a smaller person I have experienced alien belly quite often. I often have a random baby appendage sticking out the right side of my body. I also end up with what is probably a baby butt that pushes up over my ribcage. It is actually quite uncomfortable, especially in an underwire bra. She also gets the hiccups a lot. For about an hour to two hours when I go to bed it is baby aerobics time, which means creepy crawly movements under my skin, bladder punches, and feet pushing out the sides of my body. I hardly ever have a round belly, usually there is a lump of baby sticking out somewhere.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a cute baby present. It will hang on her door or above the crib, and goes with the theme of her room.



  1. Gabrielle is a lovely name.

  2. Aww!! Baby bump! It sounds like even trying to wear underwire during pregnancy is just not worth it.

  3. bralessinbrasil

    You look so cute in your pictures! Have you thought about grabbing a 30J in either the Thrill Me or Tease and bringing in the center gore? That way you get more depth (and a smaller band). That’s what I’ve been living in for awhile now. 😉

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