Myths about breast implants

I read something a while ago that really got my feathers ruffled. So on my Facebook page I asked for everyone to share some myths about breast implants. I decided to wait a while before posting this, just to let my temper cool down a bit. I had forgotten about it until some recent articles were published which included some implant bashing.

Some of the myths below are from ladies with implants (we’ve heard tons!) and some are from naturally busty ladies. I’ve included some of their comments too. Of course I’m sure I’ve missed some, so feel free to add your own in the comments.

You don’t need a bra after implants. Because implants give you magic to defy all the laws of gravity.
I can complete verify that this is a bunch of crap. If I don’t wear a bra my breasts get sore. And no, they will not stay perky when you are ninety. You still have natural tissue over the implant which is still supported by the Cooper’s Ligament.

You’ll be able to tell when you age and they don’t. (Haha)
Please see above.

All large breasts are because they are implants.
The Bra Band Project begs to differ on that one. Of course this is limited to 30 bands and below, many women in larger bandsizes end up with the same judgmental comments. This is also a great example of how women with a petite bone structure can have natural breasts. There are some photos in the project that are augmented breasts, but the huge majority is all women with natural breasts of all various sizes.
Or that small boobs can’t be fake.
I have seen some absolutely gorgeous augmented breasts that many women would consider small. That is the thing about implants, they are very individual. Each woman may find a different look to work with their body type and lifestyle.

That they are big! People think that implants automatically push a person into 30H+ territory (although they call it D cup territory, of course).
Again, see the above comment about smaller implants.

From a naturally busty lady:
I also got told that any boobs bigger than mine (32F) must be implants. Yeah….right.
As the commenter above states, most people think that the cupsize of F must be something created by a plastic surgeon. That is as much of a misunderstanding of bra sizing as it is a misunderstanding of breast implants.

They don’t bounce properly.
I wish! I’m bounce more than I ever planned on them bouncing. There is a common idea that all implants are what the ladies in the implant world like to call the “fake look.” These implants are meant to give a more firm appearance, which does at times minimize movement. It is often created with a saline implant with extra overfill (added saline). But even then, they still move. The actual movement of implants depends on a lot of factors, all based on the individual. But even the fakest looking breast implant will move in some way. Just like even the must muscular backside has the potential to jiggle.

The next are all possible, but not guaranteed.
They feel hard.
They ripple when you lean forward.
Loss of sensation or hyper sensitivity.
Hard nipples 24/7.
Loss of ability to breast feed.

Hardened breast implants are usually the result of a complication called capsular contracture. The scar tissue that our body builds around the implant hardens beyond the normal. An implant with out capsular contracture can still feel firm, but it should not be hard. Firmness can depend on a lot of factors, body type, breast tissue, implant type, etc.
Rippling is possible, but not guaranteed. It is a large concern on women that have very little breast tissue or who are very lean. There are things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of rippling, specific implant types, implant placement, the use of medical grade tissue grafts.
Sensation changes and nipple changes are expected early in recovery. In most cases things settle back down to normal after you heal. Permanent loss of sensation was common before the advancement of surgical techniques because nerve tissue was cut during surgery. Now nerve tissue is bypassed, but it still must stretch to accommodate the new implant. And just like women with out implants, the headlights happen.
The ability to breast feeding can be lost if the surgeon cuts through milk ducts. Most surgeons now will avoid any area that has the possibility to change your ability to breast feed. There are women all over the world now that have breast fed their babies post implant surgery. If you were able to before, you should be able to after.

You can always tell they are fake.
Like I said before, there are different types of augmentations. Some women want them to look very natural, others want the did she/didn’t she look, others want the obvious fake look. It’s personal preference. But you can definitely not always tell that they are implants. And I hate the word “fake.” I may have implants, but they are still pretty dang real to me.

All implants are fake looking and hard…. everyone who gets implants must be strippers or sluts. Adult industry. Porn, online cam, stripping, escorts.
I’m pretty sure we have all heard this one. It is something that actually amazes me. I think there is more of a correlation between working in porn and eventually getting implants then there is to getting implants then working in porn. Sure, I’m positive some ladies may decide to get a job as a stripper or start online camming after getting their implants. Just like I’m sure many cam girls and strippers get implants after starting in that line of work to try and improve their wages. So is there a correlation? Sure. But correlation is not causation and they definitely do not always go together. And as for slutty behavior, that is kind of defined by the individual. What I think is slutty may be perfectly normal to you. And who are we to judge another woman for what they wear or how they act? Last time I checked most of us don’t really want to hear the opinions of others. While everyone is entitled to an opinion and even to speaking what they want that doesn’t mean that anyone really cares to hear it.

Women only get overly large boob jobs.
Actually statistics show that women in the US choose moderately sized implants, 300-400cc. The study linked was published in 2009, so there may be changes. Considering silicone implants in the US come as large as 800cc and the saline implant shells come in 800cc and can be filled larger then that, I don’t see how 300-400cc is overly large. Of course, a larger augmentation will be more noticeable and it may be possible to identify. But there are tons of women walking the streets in a normal life with moderately sized implants and no one would ever know.

That XXX cc equals XX cupsize.
There is no set cc amount for a C cup or a D cup. A little look at bras tells us that the volume of the cup is in relation to the band. So while a 32D may be 220cc (I’m just picking numbers and sizes) a 38D may be 800cc. So a final cupsize will depend on your band size and body type. I’ve actually only seen one surgeon discuss this when choosing a size. Most surgeons do not speak in cupsizes at all or if they do their idea of a D may be a 36D when you are thinking of a 32D.

That they need to be replaced every ten years.
Breast implants are warrantied through the manufacturer for their lifetime. So if they break or rupture you receive a replacement implant. During the first 10 years there are added cost coverages depending on the company. For example, one company may provide $3500 toward surgical costs to replace the implant. This does not mean that you have to get your implants replaced at the 10 year mark. In fact if you decide to have them replaced and there is nothing wrong with them then the cost is entirely on you, the implant warranty only covers defects in the implant. Implants are not lifetime devices, but they do not necessarily have to be replaced every ten years. There are women who have had their implants for 20+ years with no problems. This is something that needs to be discussed by you with your doctor.

That women get implants for men.
If that was the case then I never would have gotten them. He was perfectly happy with how they were before, even though they were barely there. Women get implants for themselves. Sometimes it is to correct asymmetry, return the look of their breasts to before they had children, to provide them with a breast size that feels more true to their body identity. But women do not get implants for men! In fact if you go a surgeon and they get the impression that the surgery is not for you they may deny the surgery.

That men hate fake breasts.
I’m sure some do. Many times they hate the look of an obvious augmentation. But some men actually prefer that look. Everyone has their own tastes. Many men that claim to hate breast implants may not realized that they have actually been exposed to several smaller more natural looking implants. And they never knew it.

You can be “too old” for breast implants.
As long as you are healthy, you are not too old. Women have augmentation surgery into their 60s or 70s if they are healthy enough. How could you ever be too old to be happy and confident in your body?

The assumption that larger breasted women need reductions.
The only woman that needs breast surgery of any kind is the woman that decides they want breast surgery. It makes no difference if it is to reduce their breast size, lift it, or augment it. Larger breasted women may have issues that are associated with their breast size (especially if they are in the wrong size or type of bra). But no one has the right to say a woman NEEDS a reduction.

That women with breast implants will be off balance when they walk.
I really have no idea why anyone would thing this. Why would breast implants be any different then naturally large breasts? If anything they may be slightly lighter in weight. The muscles in the back do take time to slowly stretch and strengthen to support newly augmented breasts. They take some getting used to, but they are part of your body.

The most offensive thing I saw was this next one. I just can’t believe anyone would ever think this.

Women w/ breast cancer should get their breasts removed just so they can have better reconstructed breasts.
Breast reconstruction is a much more complex process then a regular augmentation. Many women will have issues through the recovery from their mastectomy, the reconstruction, and on through their lives. There is in no way ANY benefit to a woman to remove her natural breasts, lymphatic tissue, and nipples to have it replaced with reconstructed breasts. To me this is just completely asinine and insensitive.

OK, so enough of the Facebook shared myths. Feel free to add some of your own below. And if it is one that you have heard and want more information on please let me know. I’ll be happy to gather the facts behind it.


  1. Yay! I’m so glad you were finally able to write this post as I feel like there is a lot of great content that needs to be shared. The myths about breasts, breast implants, and breast-related surgery are astounding, and I’m glad you are helping educate women. I think the aesthetics myths are some of the more widely propagated, but I also hear a lot of women say that thinner women with larger breasts must have implants too. Sharing this entry for sure!

    • Great catch! I updated the post to mention that with the Bra Band Project.

  2. If your implants are under the muscle, they can indeed stay put while the rest of you ages. This is sometimes described as the breast falling off the implant; basically the implant stays put while the breast sags.

    While not all women get implants for men, or to please men, some do. That is a reality that should be acknowledged. It is very sad and it often ends in tears, but it *does* happen. It is fortunately less common than it used to be.

    And, some women do need breast surgery: women with breast cancer. It is really up to every woman and her doctor to decide on her best treatment. I would never tell a woman with cancer that she didn’t need breast surgery.

    I think implants move more after they have been in place for awhile. My sister has them and one of the weirdest things about them at first was that they didn’t move! It was like uncanny valley territory, the rest of us couldn’t look away.

    I really appreciate your comments about being slutty 🙂 Women’s behavior is so criticized in every way all the time. A woman’s sexual choices are hers alone and no one should be calling her a slut or criticizing her for them.

    • I did not intend to come across as saying a woman wouldn’t need surgery, period. BC is a completely different story! And that to me is one of those things that people in our society really shouldn’t stick their noses in. A BC patient should never feel pressure to have (or not) reconstruction, she should just be able to make a choice based on her doctor’s medical advice.

      As far as the sagging issue, most surgeons in the US (I’m not sure where you are Ms. Pris) are using partial unders or dual plane for implant position when using an incision on the breast. The bottom 1/3 ish of the implant is only covered by natural breast tissue, not the muscle. Because of that the implant itself can and does sag over time. When it comes to the difference between the implant and natural tissue, the slow slide of the implant downward is a complication known as bottoming out. It can happen due to weak tissue or surgeon error early on after surgery, or it can be slowly over time. Of course there have been no studies done to show how wearing a bra changes this. Something of note- Reconstruction is usually done completely under the muscle, surgeries done by the armpit (transax) incision are completely under the muscle, there are a few surgeons that do an initial augmentation through a breast incision completely under the muscle. Most women with “unders” actually are partially under the muscle. It’s not something that is really well discussed. I know I thought my unders were fully under the muscle, but found out after a complication (bottoming out) that they are only partially under the muscle.

      Now for your sister, totally normal at first for them to be as hard as a rock and unmoving. I hope hers move more now! When they are first placed either partially or completely under the muscle they will be compressed by the muscle and hardened. Slowly over the course of the first year they will soften. That is one thing women don’t expect, we expect to come out with beautiful breasts right away, not after a one year healing process.

      • Yeah, I think that a lot of women who get implants do not realize that they are going to change over time.

        I have seen a few bottomed-out implants but not recently.

    • msjackiefan

      I enjoyed this topic, because I am an early stage survivor who had a prophylactic double MX and my implants-800cc Mentor moderate round-are under the chest muscle. I had some minor wrinkling, which is simply being able to see the implant wrinkling because there is so much less tissue. Virtually all of mine was removed.
      But wrinkling has gone away since the silicon, via gravity, is now probably fully down where it should be-“fluffing” as they call it.
      As to sorenss, if I don’t stretch and work out, they are still and stable enough that they can cause some twisties in your back if you don’t stay in some kind of shape.:) They really don’t move much. I’ve walked around at my size with no bra and no one seems to notice. I do use one purely for control of my movements and for a smoother effect. My scars are not completely gone yet and might look bumpy in a thin shirt.
      Beyond that, they’ve been great and I was told they’d last 20-30 years, assuming I don’t have a recurrence or any tearing. At this point, I only get a physical exam-it’s been a year-and so far, very happy with them. They have taken the full year to really settle to where, I’m like, oh right, these are huge…..they got rounder, too, within the last few months-again, ‘fluffing’. BTW, I heard men actually like the feel of them. Mine did not go heard, because my doc made me massage the edges to pull the scar tissue and fluid away, daily for weeks. It worked. They are not hard at all and look very natural. It’s not nearly as big a deal as you think; and the results take time, but with a good surgeeon, they are pretty good for having to lose your naturals.

      • msjackiefan

        PS, I also asked for my same size so it was not a dramatic change for me, they feel pretty ok. I was told as I lose weight, my 40d would be a 38d and so on…..the cup size does get larger as you get smaller, because they don’t shrink like normal breast tissue. Thsi should be interesting. I realize I could be facing tearing or dropping down the road-but I’m at an age where I’ll take it stride. I’m old enough that these may go in the ground with me. LOL. I wish everyeone the best of luck that goes thru a necessary reconstruction. xo Keep the faith, don’t be scared, that’s half the battle. Be happy you are getting rid of the C; or just getting a bigger B if you feel you need one. The process is only temporary, believe me.

  3. Flory

    Unfortunately or luckily breast augmentation doesn’t work the same for all women and that’s why most myths about this procedure are busted. I think it’s the job of your surgeon to hide scars or other details that show the breasts are fake and if it’s a skilled one, he will definitely do that.
    My husband loves the result of my Toronto breast augmentation surgery so in my case “men love breast implants” am I’m sure more others do.
    In fact I think everyone loves breast augmentation because the results are lovely almost all the time.

  4. askesteeemstudio

    Some women think that the decision to get implants permanently removes your ability to nurse your baby. But this is actually false because there are implant placements that can prevent the interruption of the milk ducts, like the under the muscle approach for instance. If you have plans to get breastfeed in the future you can discuss this with your surgeon so that he can make the appropriate adjustments.

    • That’s another good one. Of course there are ways to minimize the likelihood for problems, but with techniques now most women do not have a problem. If you could before, you should be able to after. I have heard of women having an increased milk supply if they have a second baby after implants.
      I know another concern that women express is the possibly of toxic materials passing through the breast milk to baby. But tests of breast milk haven’t show any chemicals that can be directly linked to implants. Most are linked to environmental causes.


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