25 weeks, more non-maternity maternity

Last weekend we had another wedding to attend, the last one for this summer. I tried to play it safe, this time I tried on the dress I wore to the last wedding earlier in the week. It was way too much in the boob area. I wasn’t comfortable leaving the house in it. So I spent the week bothering my husband to find out what the dress was for this particular wedding. It was an outdoor wedding, right in the middle of the Alabama rainy season. He finally told me the day before that it was business casual. So guess who had nothing to wear? Guess who ended up shopping for something the day of the wedding?

It was a all over frustrating experience. If I’m buying maternity stuff I want it to show my stomach, not hang off it. I though I’d start by looking for a comfortable sundress, one that I could wear a bra with. Options down here are pretty limited, I ended up trying JC Penny, Motherhood Maternity, Body Central and Dillards with no success. Motherhood made me cry, everything was either giant in the boobs or fit in the boobs and hung off my stomach. I couldn’t find anything that I could possibly wear a bra with. I ended up trying Body Central because dresses with side rouching are really popular this year. Again, nothing I could wear a bra with, but if I had a smooth cup bra I could have snagged some cute stuff for cheap.

So I’m not willing to pay a ton of money for something I’m going to wear to a wedding for a couple I haven’t met, and a dress I may never wear again. I ended up at Burlington Coat Factory and a $15 dress that broke all my rules. It hung off my stomach and I couldn’t wear a bra with it. But for $15 I can wear it for a night. And guess what? It actually turned out to be pretty comfortable.

I had to buy it in a large to fit the padded cup around my boob. But even then the pad was a bit small and that the band under the breast was riding up. This was just a basic maxi dress that so many women wear all the time, but it’s one of those looks that busty women avoid because it can make them look pregnant or like they have a stomach pooch. It takes a well designed maxi to work on a fullbust figure. This is not one of those maxi dresses.

Sorry for the bad quality bathroom pictures, but we forgot to get any while at the wedding. I originally took short heels to wear with this, but wore black flip flops instead. The location would have made a heel dangerous, think pregnancy balance issues combined with wet grass and gravel. That’s asking for a fall. I will say I was pretty comfortable the entire night. I had to adjust the top a bit, jus to make sure everything was covered and in properly.

This shopping experience emphasized one thing for me. Every pregnant woman in the US should have a bra that can be worn like a T-shirt bra. So much maternity clothing are made with thin clingy fabrics. Dresses are made with thin spaghetti straps or plunging fronts. Tops are boring ribbed tanks that you could by a normal one for cheaper or fabrics that would require a smooth bra.

Must have clothing items:
Smooth cup bra
A daily wear basic bra that is super comfortable
Belly band for early pregnancy
Jeans that make you feel sexy
Ribbed tanks (great forays ring early out, at home lounging tops or sleep wear)
Soft sleeping bra, preferably band/cup sized for support
Comfortable shoes
Comfortable stretchy yoga pants for home lounging

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