Searches for the month of July

Here’s an overview of the searches leading to my blog for the month of July. The idea came from Boosaurus’s post about the searches leading to her blog.  Like her and Laura from Undressed to Impress, I often find amusement in the searches leading to my blog. Sometimes they are kind of disturbing as well.  There are bra questions, implant questions, and now pregnancy questions. And of course porn type searches.  I guess you can expect that when you write about breast implants.

The biggest search term(s) that I have gotten in this past week has to do with the water polo nipple slip. Now I had no idea what was going on because I don’t have cable TV.  So a quick google found that NBC aired a water polo match live, which they don’t usually do, and during play a player’s suit was pulled to show their breast.  So the question begs, how does this lead to my blog?  Well the answer is a simple one.  On July 20th I posted an update about my poor pregnancy boobs and badly fitting bras. This post included the term “nip slip.”  So I guess that makes sense.  The odd key words google picks up on.

Another big search term is for specific bras.  Many times it is for an Affinitas bra as they are fairly new on the full bust market and not easily available to the UK bloggers.  The Freya Lauren, Masquerade Rhea, and Freya Naomi are popular as well.  Because these brands use names that could also be names for people I get a lot of google images searches for a particular person in a bra, usually a celebrity like Naomi or Fionna.  I also get a lot of searches for specific bra sizes.  I assume that these are google image searches.

I get a lot of porn searches, I’m not really sure why for some.  I understand that you talk about implants and a lot of assumptions come up about the adult industry.  So here are a few examples of porn type searches that have somehow lead to my blog.
tied up busty lingerie stocking ladies
girl taking off c cup
my petite body with new bigger boobs
small bikini babes spreading legs
my mom and sister did not have any panties on

Well, what can I say about these? I find it a little disturbing while amusing. I just don’t get how these and breast implants can relate in any way. So, yeah. Not sure on these.

Next are some general breast implant questions. I’ll do my best to answer, but if I can’t provide an answer please feel free to send me an email. I can point you in a direction to get some answers.
Can you get breast incapsulation more then 2 times?  This question refers to capsular contracure (CC), which is a hardened scar tissue that can form around the implant.  Yes you can get CC more than two times.  Each surgeon has different opinions on what causes CC and how to treat or prevent it.  Some will use Singular, accolate, ultrasound therapy after the fact to try and treat it. They may do a close caspulotomy (nonsurgical) to try to break up the scar tissue. There is also an open capsulotomy (surgical) which opens up the scar tissue. There is also a capsulectomy where the entire scar capsule is surgically removed. Some surgeons will do this surgery with new implants, change to smooth or textured, change to under the muscle placement, place drains, or add additional antibiotics. That is why it is important to get multiple options from board certified plastic surgeons.
Should I bring a bra to a breast implant fitting? It depends on the bra.  You can bring a bra in the desired post op size, but some surgeons will not find it useful. You can use it to place implant sizers in to get a general idea of what size implant you may need (not accurate).  Many surgeon’s use a compression bra and implant sizers to find your ideal size sometimes adding extra cc’s to your choice to ensure you get the look you want.
Extra large breast implants- What about them?  The size range depends on who you ask.  Some people consider anything over 500cc to be large.  Others consider 700cc to be large.  There are many women who have upwards of 1000cc.  The average sized placed is smaller than all of these, so really it depends on your point of view and who you ask. I would consider myself to have large implants.
Why are some women so hateful about breast implants?  Great question, one I’d love to know the answer too. The answers you’ll get vary.  I personally think it has to do with some misconceptions about implants. Examples: only those in the adult industry have them, only strippers have them, they change who you are personally, they lead to divorce, only fake women get them.  Some people will tell you that there is jealousy there.  Maybe in a few cases if the person does not have the means to do it on their own, but in most cases I don’t think so.  It is like tattoos or body piercings, anything that makes you different is a reason to judge you.
How many women have breast augmentation society? There is no way to know for sure, there are estimates out there though.
I had implants then gained weight breast are so heavy- Breast implants actually weigh more than what people think they do. They may not weigh the same as natural breast tissue, especially dense breast tissue, but they are heavy.  Add weight gain to that and you’ll have breasts that are more than what you expected.  This is why you should be sure to wear a supportive bra, one that fits properly though the band and cups so you do not have painful digging in the straps.
Did 20 pound weight loss ruin implants?  That depends on the person. Some women have significant sagging after weight loss, implants or not.  It is highly dependent on body type and your natural tissue characteristics.
How to wait for implants breast. This is a hard one. When you make the choice to have surgery it is hard to not jump the gun and go for it as soon as you can.  But you can take this time as opportunity to research. I would highly recommend taking this time to get your body as healthy as possible. Do things like quite smoking, clean up your eating habits, work on your cardiovascular health. It will be worth it in the end, especially if you are healthier.

Now that I’m pregnant I get a lot of google searches for pregnancy in general.  I also get quite a few for pregnancy with implants.  Everyone worries about the differences in breast changes after augmentation surgery partially due to the added weight of the implants.  Many woman will worry that the pregnancy will ruin their breasts after they have spent thousands of dollars for surgery.
Bras for pregnant women with implants– Your bra needs will be the same as any other woman. You’ll want a bra with a firm fitting band that provides support.  The underwires should be properly fitted to fully encase your breasts.  As long as you are wearing the proper fit there is no need to stop wearing underwire unless it is causing you problems. Support is key!
Breasts not sore during early pregnancy implants– Each person will be different. Some ladies have breast tenderness right away, implants or not.  I did not have a lot of tenderness at all until later, but mine was tied to my bra being too small.  Now I have sore breasts, just not all the time.  Again, it’s one of those things that is highly individual.

Next is some searches that I thought where worth mentioning, but don’t really fit into a category.
by babys rules is hot!!! This was my silly husband. We had talked about how I get some strange google searches, so he decided he’d try this one.
Will men still love a woman with tiny breasts and no ass?– I would hope so!!  There are men out there that love every body type of woman.  There is no reason why a woman who considers her self small chested with a small backside couldn’t find a man who loves that.
If you’re 5’2 and wear size 3 are you to big for a bikini? Um, no!  If you want to wear a bikini, wear a bikini!  Size does not matter!  Any woman should be able to wear a bikini that wants to wear a bikini.
Star in a bra implants– I’m assuming that this refers to the Curvy Kate Star in a Bra model contest. Unfortunately for the ladies with implants, the contest is not open for women with any kind of breast modification.  Of course, there is really no way that they would know if you had a very natural looking augmentation.
My breast haven’t ever had a growth spurt an I’m 19– Different people have growth at different ages.  Our breasts are constantly changing though our teen years and adulthood.  You can wear several sizes through the entire span of your life.  Many woman experience breast development later on in their 20’s.
How can i grow to love my smaller chest?
And How to grow boobs before a quinceanera? There is no way to grow breasts. There are companies out there that will sell you pills, creams, teas, or even suction devices to grow your breasts. And they may work temporarily. But once you stop using the product, all those changes are gone. Please don’t waste your time and money on these products. Try and focus on working on your own body image, where ever that takes you. As someone who was small busted I can understand the hurt you feel and the roads that you may go down to try to find body acceptance.

OK, some searches that just don’t make any sense to me.  They are just here for your amusement (and mine).
How to tell someone’s breast size just by looking at their shirt. Yep, not possible.  They could be wearing a padded bra, a minimizer, you may not be able to see their underbust to get a good bandsize estimate.  Plus chances are you’ll estimate a bandsize way too large just because the standard idea of the need to add four inches to get a bandsize.
huge tits push-up dress– Well I don’t think you’ll find pictures of that here.  I’m guessing this lead to my nonmaternity dress for a summer wedding post.  Definitely not what I’d call “huge tits” and it wasn’t a push up dress.  That is just what perky breast implants look like while pregnant.
busty big nipples– Sorry, no nipples shown here.
little bitty pointy titties– No comment, I just can’t think of anything to say to this.
Can chlorine from a pool change the color of my bra? Yes it can. But the big question here is why are you wearing a bra in the pool?

These next three really have me wondering. I just don’t know what to say to this.  And I really wonder how the heck they lead to my blog.
husbands made to wear bras
hubby humiliated wearing bra
breast implants and estrogen for husband; forced
Inside men’s underwear fitting room– I wasn’t aware that there were underwear stores for men that had fitting rooms. Interesting to say the least.
big tits visible during fighting Um yeah, nothing that I can say here.  I’m thinking this is some kind of fetish search, but how it is coming to my blog is what get’s me wondering.

So there it is.  The questions, the answers, the funny, the weird, the creepy, the porn.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did seeing some of these searches. The bra searches will be another post along with the bra fitting for implants.  Stay tuned for that one in the next few days.


  1. Great! It really makes you wonder about what some people are searching for on the internet… I avoided the porn ones in my post as I was worried it might just encourage more, but the bizarre nature of some of them makes me think no two searches will be the same!

  2. Wow, there’s some really good questions you got about implants and bras – it’s great to know that you’re making a difference and helping people! 🙂

    (I am torn between giggling and being weirded out by some of those last ones, though, lol!)

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