New understanding- my horribly uncomfortable pregnancy boobs

I haven’t updated in a while because I wanted to be able to positively share size changes, give a confirmed fit in a bra to really show how my breasts are changing through pregnancy. Insert monkey wrench, because things just didn’t go as planned.

Over the past week I have focused on the fact that I am waiting on a bra order. Bra size can change so much in pregnancy so I don’t want to invest in a bra that may not fit in two weeks. So on July 3 I took measurements, studied bras & their measurements on Bratabase, read sizing reviews, & contacted other bloggers for size recommendations (thanks June!). The plan was to order a few bras from Bra Stop as they sell previous season colors for a lower price. I was smart, researched, and pretty satisfied with my purchase.
Fast forward over two weeks to today. I still do not have new bras. It’s by no fault of the merchant, they are probably stuck in customs while I get more and more irritated. My drive to save some money has led to some horribly irritated boobs. Because those measurements I took just over two weeks ago have changed. Again. Sigh. Not part of the plan. So my fingers are crossed that something from my order fits.

So far in pregnancy my ribcage has gone up a total of one inch to 27 inches. Each breast when measured from cleavage to outside has gone up an inch a piece. My total bust measurement has gone up 1.5 inches, with that half inch being in the last week or so. Before that 1.5 in difference I had already gone up 1 cupsize.

As of right now I have one bra that is wearable, a Curvy Kate Tease Me in 28HH. It is still working because the open top cup design. But I’m about 1cm away from a nip slip. Pull back the lace at the top of the cup and it’s game on for nipples. That lace is keeping me in my bra right now. All the extra volume is being displaced upwards. But I’m not comfortable, and I’ve got some major jiggle going on.

Pregnancy boobs are not going to be the happiest boobs in the world. They are changing, often I ways we do not see. But seriously, they shouldn’t be this uncomfortable. There is no words out there that can describe how tender pregnant breasts feel in a badly fitted bra. It seriously ruins a perfectly good day. And there is nothing that will make it better. And it just gets worse through the day as your skin and breasts swell.

The only good thing is when your husband looks at you and says, “Wow, your boobs look huge.” And he means it in a good way.

In the time after this order I’ve done everything possible to get some good bra karma on my side. I have sent out 5 packages totaling 11 bras to new homes. If that doesn’t get the bra gods smiling down on me and get my bras delivered what will? So my last hope is the mail tomorrow morning, I’d love to have a comfortable boob weekend. Maybe my rant today will catch some attention and new bras will come my way. They were shipped 16 days ago! I can always hope right?


  1. The bra gods definitely owe you! Here are a few potential temporary solutions that I thought of:

    1. If you have bras that might fit in the cup, but are too small in the band, you could try an extender. It’s not a permanent solution, but it could open up some options.

    2. If you have no bras that really fit in the cup, you could also consider wearing supportive tops or even sports bras (if you can find one that doesn’t squish you!) over the 28HH bra. You could also consider buying or making a bra sling. Obviously, this would also be a temporary solution, but anything that can give you a little more support until well-fitting bras arrive is a good thing.

    3. For the soreness, spending some time braless (with a pillow for support) might make things a little better. Cool washcloths and mild anti-inflammatories might also help.

    I’m really sorry to hear that it’s causing you so much pain and discomfort! I hope you get some well-fitting bras soon.

  2. bralessinbrasil

    Hugs, I really hope the bras come soon! You know how many problems I have with the post here, but I have non-pregnant boobs, which definitely makes the wait a bit easier. 😉 What were the bras that you ordered that you’re currently waiting on? Here’s hoping they show up soon!!!

    • I’m really hoping the show up tomorrow. That will be 20 days (maybe 19) after they shipped. I ordered from Bra Stop, a CK Ella in 28J, and two other styles in 28JJ. I thought the 28JJ would be too large and I would save them for later, but I’m starting to think they may just fit now.

      • bralessinbrasil

        Well, good luck then! It’s be great to nail down your CK size because then we could compare sizes on other bras too. 😉 I have the Ella in 28J so it’d be great for comparison.

  3. I hope the good karma comes around! I should list some of my bras for free (the ones I have ever washed in the machine)…thanks for the inspiration!


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