Non-maternity Maternity, dressing a bump with big boobs

I can’t really tell you why, but for some reason I just have a hard time wearing maternity clothing, especially before the 20 week mark. Well that is finally here, but here I am still in my regular jeans and t-shirts. So I thought I’d share how I’m dressing my tummy bump with my boobs. Just a warning though, I look very young for my age (I’m 28) and I tend to try and dress young instead of fighting it. I’m also trying to avoid the pregnancy trap of yoga pants, sweat pants, and baggy t-shirts, unless I’m home and not going anywhere. But I’m a thrift shopper, I’m not willing to spend a bunch of money on pregnancy specific clothing.

First off, I can’t wear all my jeans. My favorite Rock Revival jeans are relegated to my closet. I’d wear a 24 or 25 in that brand. But as soon as the hormones kick in you find that you retain some water weight. I’ve been wearing my favorite pair of Miss Me jeans or BKEs from the Buckle, one in size 26 and one in a 27. The size 27 makes me look like I have a horribly saggy butt! But I can still button both, the legs are loose but comfortable, and they work out well with a belly band. What’s a belly band? It’s this spandex fabric that you can wear over your stomach early in pregnancy to smooth your jeans, or through your entire pregnancy so you can wear your jeans unbuttoned or unzipped with out visible lines. In late pregnancy you can fold in in half to support your lower belly, post pregnancy you can wear it as a smoother. They come in basic black or white and can be found at normal super stores or maternity specialty stores.


The photo above is the size 27 BKE jeans with the belly band. They run from $10-20 depending on where you buy them. In this picture I purposefully have my jeans unbuttoned. I will definitely say that right now things are way more comfortable that way! Not too bad for button and zipper bumps. My natural waist measurement at the thinnest is usually about 25 inches, right now at the 20 week mark it is 29 inches. The fullest part of my stomach has gotten to be 34 inches, my hips have gone up two inches.


Here is what I’m wearing today. The shirt was bought for St Patrick’s Day, but unfortunately I did not get to go out and celebrate. I found out the day after my husband’s birthday (March 16) that I was pregnant, so no smokey bars for this lady. It was bought at Hot Topic for about $15, a size medium for extra length. I’d normally buy a size small but sometimes the projection of my implants causes the shirt front to ride up. My dad isn’t too much of a fan of this shirt. No idea why or anything. 🙂

*On a side note, wearing this today I finally had someone ask my if I a pregnant. I guess it may finally look like a baby belly and not a bit of belly pudge.


This was yesterday’s outfit. Same jeans and belly band, but I also wear things like this with bermuda shorts that I bought from American Eagle. My normal size there (size 00, they run large) fits fine through the legs and backside, but was always large in the waist. That is great for pregnancy belly, especially with the band to smooth as needed. The shirt was a clearance buy at Rue 21 for $7, also a size medium for added length. The cookie monster quote is strangely appropriate right now because I am eating a ton of molasses cookies. I really do mean a ton, I made 4 dozen a week ago and there is one dozen left.

Layering is another big saver. A basic ribbed tank can be layered under almost any kind of top to add some length. Plus they are cheap at Old Navy or even Walmart. You have to watch to make sure that the top layered shirt does not hit too high on your bump because it looks a little awkward. But when you are trying to dress full cup breasts and a bump, the extra length of a ribbed tank can be a modesty saver. Plus they are comfortable pregnancy pajama tops.. The belly band can also give the look of a cami under your shirt, but I find that it rides up in the back for me. Combine a riding up band/cami with the fact that my pants sag in the back and you have a recipe for disaster. The further unzipped the jeans get the saggier they get, so these jeans are not going to work out for me much longer. It’s in the middle of an Alabama summer, so I’m not really willing to buy maternity pants for the times when I’d wear pants out instead of shorts or capris.

Last thing is shoes. When you are pregnant you definitely want to wear comfortable shoes. I’m usually pretty cool with wearing $2 flip flops from Old Navy, but not right now. I invested a little more into a pair of basic black flip flops that have a little more arch support and squish through the sole. A very well spent $15. I also bought new walking shoes. Well, shoes I wear like I’d wear gym shoes. They came out of the kids section, so I have no idea what kind of athletic shoes they are. I have smaller feet, so I almost always buy from the kids section. Your daily wear shoes are definitely not something you want to skimp on, messing up your feet may cause misalignment for your entire body. No matter what brand you buy, make sure they work for your needs. My new shoes are not the cutest in the world, they have bright neon green accents, but they are comfortable on a changing body.

Next up is a wedding. Dressing a 20 week baby bump could be incredibly awkward. So my next post will be how I dressed my bump for the wedding and rehearsal dinner, in normal non-maternity clothes. And I think I managed to look pretty cute doing it! I’ll share a few secrets in the next post.

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