Almost halfway!!

I am almost at the halfway point. So close but so far away! It is actually 19 weeks, but I feel like I have some stuff to share, so I’ll post a bit early. I wanted to post this earlier this afternoon, but ended up napping instead. No regrets there! I will definitely say that I am finally starting to get a little belly, now it just needs to come out of hiding so I can cross out of the is she fat or pregnant zone. So let’s start this off with a picture!

In normal every day clothing it is just enough to look like I’ve got a belly or eaten a big meal. My wonderful husband tells me that It definitely looks like a pregnancy belly because from the side I still have a waist curve from my natural waist line to my hips. How sweet of him!

Now on to the boob changes. You can’t quite see it in the picture, but the bra above has gotten way too small. It is a Royce high impact sports bra, size 28H, my sleep bra. The band is nice and firm and the fit was great for a while. Well it just hasn’t been working out lately due to the size. I’ve been waiting for some new sleep bras to come in the mail. I wanted to find something that would work for lounging at home and at night, or for days when my boobs were just plain uncomfortable. So I started looking at maternity bras. I saw Panache maternity and nursing bras on sale on Zulily a few weeks ago, the deal was too good to pass up. They had the Alisha soft cup maternity bra and nursing bra for $12.99. Unfortunately they only offered a 30 band, no 28. Luckily for me Sarah from StackDD had recently tried these and I was able to get some great sizing insight, including the fact that the band has 6 rows of hook and eyes. In her review she noted that the cups seem to come up small. I wanted these for sleep bras, so I figured I’d order a few just to see, ordering on the large size because chances are these boobs will grow. So I ordered a 30HH and 30J, based on my Panache Andorra size of a 28HH.

30HH Alisha

The final verdict….. They will work, for now. Panache bras are just so wide in the cups!! In order to get the room for the projection I need I end up with wires most of the way to my back. The six sets are great for me, on the tightest set I can get some decent support. The cups of both the 30HH and 30J fit, but the 30J actually looks better from the side. The 30HH flattens the top of my breasts, giving them a not flattering shape. The 30J does not flatten the top. I’m not sure why the 30HH puckers a little along the front seam, the 30J does not do that either. I honestly thought the 30HH would fit now and the 30J would fit later, but it looks like the J is better for overall look even though I can comfortably wear both.

Flattened look of the 30HH

30J side, not flattened

I am completely baffled for why the 30J looks so much better. The bands are basically the same length, the cups on the J are just wider. The only thing I can think is that the 30J may be slightly deeper in the cup allowing for some of that top boob to come out. Pretty much all the Panache maternity line runs wide in the cups, unfortunate for me. But for a sleep bra these will work and hopefully give a little room for growing. I’m definitely irritated by this, but you can’t always find the perfect bra especially when you want a small band with large cup, but throw in the maternity needs. Just not happening.

It’s quite odd, my bust measurements have not changed really at all. It seems to be a density issue. I have hardly any natural tissue of my own, but what I do have seems to be getting denser and gaining weight. They feel so much more heavy now then what they did before. My implants alone are 3lbs, then the my gaining density breast tissue is on top of that. Last night it felt like my entire right breast had magically grown a cupsize through the day. For the first time in a while I went to bed braless. My bra was just too small and compressing, painful on my tender pregnancy boobs. I ended up putting it back on before I could sleep, but the only way to get relief was to not have it on.

Along with the density changes the shape is changing. Something I expected, kind of. With implants and my shape determined by the implants and not breast tissue I did not expect a ton shape changes. But it is definitely there. It is not something I can describe and I doubt it would be noticed in photos. I have some additional stretch marks, not something I’m happy about. They look different and larger than what they did before pregnancy. I’m not set either way on if I like or hate the changes, it just kind of is.

One last note on clothes and dressing my awkward shape. I’m right in that area where maternity is a hanging bag of cloth. I look horrible in anything maternity, so it is not an option right now. Some of my jeans fit, I just wear a little band so I can unbutton them if I want. For some reason I refuse to wear any maternity pants/shorts/capris until I hit the 20 week mark. Many of my shirts are not working. I’m lucky to be able to wear some stretchy tanks, either alone or layering under t’s. The belly band helps add an illusion of length and makes me think that maybe people will figure out that I’m pregnant and not pudgy. I’ve bought a few extra t-shirts in a size larger than normal and longer then what I’d normally buy. One thing I learned with my larger breasts is that the added length in these shirts is definitely needed. The projection of my implants can cause the shirt to lift in the front, add that to the size increase from pregnancy and they are lifting even more. I am definitely ready to be able to dress better. I hope to be able to share some of the things I’m wearing in future posts. I wanted to include an outfit I threw together on a bloated belly day, but unfortunately it is on my old iPhone. I’m a thrifty shopper and tend to dress younger than my age (more to the age I look), so someone may find it useful.


  1. Congrats, Chrystal, you’re almost halfway there cooking that baby.
    You and my wife Robin are at the same point in pregnancy. Hang in there, and don’t forget to eat and hydrate (especially when it’s hot out)!

  2. I love how you addressing firsthand the changes in breast during pregnancy! So many things can happen, and it’s important to take care of your boobs as you go through the full term. Congrats again, Chrystal!!!

  3. One thing that really strikes me as odd about this entry: you are obviously, from the photos, quite slender. And you are aware that you are pregnant. So why did you have so much concern about people thinking you are fat or pudgy? I mean, why did it bother you? Even someone close to you whose opinion you value will eventually become aware that you are pregnant.

    Just for reference, when I was slender people always asked me if I was pregnant, (I really don’t know why, maybe because I had big boobs and wore loose clothing?) I mean, people asked a lot. But it didn’t bother me, because there was nothing to worry about.

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