SlinkyDip Halter Bikini- The Big Bra Bar

Last winter I purchased the SlinkyDip polka dot halter bikini from The Big Bra Bar. I bought the same size in both yellow and blue. The blue is a dark rich color with white polka dots while the yellow has black polka dots on a bright yellow background.  I want to go over some differences between the two bikinis and how the yellow wore in the pool and at the beach. It took forever for me to be able to actually wear them and try them, pools here are just opening. I really don’t think running around the house would do a review justice, so I held off writing.

So first things first.  The blue is the original color, the yellow followed after the popularity of the blue.  There are sizing differences between the blue and yellow, the blue sizing out larger than the yellow in the top only.

Blue top under the yellow

The photo above shows the blue top placed under the yellow.  As you can see the blue extends higher in the cup and is wider.  Honestly, I could have done better about getting that yellow top stretched out, so sorry about that.  It may not look like a significant difference in size, but it is enough that I’d need to make a few nips and tucks before wearing the blue. Which is why there are no photos of me wearing it and why it wasn’t wear tested.  You can also see a characteristic that I like about the bikini top.  There is a fabric lining, but it has a small opening in the top so you can place a bikini top pad in it if you feel the need to. Those are not included with the bikini.

Bottom comparison

This photo shows the bottoms. They size out the same and the general shape is the same.  The are more of a low coverage bikini then what I’d normally wear, both front and back.  I prefer the material used for the tie sides of the blue over the yellow.  The ties are slightly thicker and hold their place better.  You can also see here the size difference between the polka dots, not something I’d really care about either way. I like both sizes just fine.

Size 26HH top, small bottom. Taken before pregnancy.

So on to the fit.  I ordered both bikinis in a 26HH (or 28H).  The cup is variable in the bikini top, which is manufactured in a small size range. For example a GG-J up would wear one cup size as the cup itself is very stretchy and flexible.  The band comes in two standard lengths, adjustable by how you tie, up to 30″ and 32-38. So this bra could fit a larger back size then what is normally carried at The Big Bra Bar. Combine that with the tie bottoms and you have a bikini that will flex around weight changes or hormonal changes. The neck and back ties are super long, something I both love and hate.  It looks super cute to have them trailing down your back.  But I won’t lie, I caught myself trying to see what was brushing my backside at the beach a few times before I figured out it was the ties. Maybe I’m just that much of a dork, I don’t know.

Normally I’m not a fan of tops that tie. They tend to slip, stretch, need to be retied. The thickness of the ties actually keeps this top from sliding and loosening. The bottom has normal thin ties, and I have my normal problems with tie bottoms. They have to be tied pretty tight to feel secure and then it feels like it will be digging into any small fat pocket. At the beach I had more problems with the bottoms slipping and sliding then I did the top.  It took a pretty hard wave hitting me dead on in the chest before I was worried about a nip slip. Nothing happened, thankfully, because I was trying to make sure the bottom stayed put. Of course it did, but I was a little worried about it.

Pool wise I had no problems with either staying.  Like I said before, the bottom is a little smaller than what I like, I’m not a fan of having my cheeks out. I think part of that is because I have more hips than butt so the bottom will slide more on me then it would for someone with a little more of a booty. A little more butt muscle holds the bottom in place, unfortunately I don’t have much of a butt muscle right now. I’m not a lap swimmer so my pool experience involved your normal sitting around in a lounge chair and goofing in the water.  Jumping off the edge of the pool is fine, diving probably wouldn’t be something I’d risk.

Ladies that are looking for a more functional piece this probably isn’t the one for you.  A quick look at the webpage for The Big Bra Bar and they honestly tell you that this is a high fashion bikini, not one that is meant to be functional for swimming and beach sports. They also include a customer in the blue top, a natural H cup compared to my augmented H. So keep all this in mind when ordering. I’d also consider ordering the blue over the yellow if you think you may need a little more room in the cup. Watching the video on their webpage you can see a model in the yellow bikini, though I’m not sure what size she is wearing. I can say the bottom fit is almost exactly like my fit (each body is different!) but I had more bounce in the top. The larger your bust the more movement you can expect. I was fine with the bounce, but someone with a softer breast may not be.

Before the beach or pool chlorine.

I took two photos to illustrate the changes made from wear, the water, and the chemicals. The whole point of it was to take the two photos in the same afternoon sunlight in my kitchen. Well that didn’t work out because it is gloomy and rainy today so I had to use the fluorescent light in order to get the after image. That totally ruins the point of the pictures, but hopefully when the weather clears next week I’ll be able to grab a real representation of the color.

After beach water and chlorine

For what it is worth, there has not been any color change.  The yellow is still bright and the black is not faded. It went in the ocean, a chlorinated pool, and was saturated in high SPF sunscreen. I am really happy with how well it wore with each.  Honestly, I’m considering buying a more secure solid black bottom for use at the beach.  Just because it would work out better with my nonexistent butt. I find this suit works well for my normal beach/pool activities and I would definitely buy it again if they came out in other colors. I’m not a huge fan of zebra print or I’d get that style as it is available at The Big Bra Bar now.   I’d love a different bottom option and maybe something in a fun pink. What girl doesn’t love pink?

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