Pregnancy with implants, first trimester update

I’m now 14 weeks pregnant and a little overdue for this update, please forgive me! Pregnancy tends to do things like that to you.  I’ve definitely turned on the lazy switch, hopefully that changes soon.

So how are the boobs doing?  They are pretty much sticking to normal pregnancy changes that any woman would expect.  I really do not think that my implants have had much impact on the changes of the first trimester. Things are definitely going as things should go.  My biggest complaint, tenderness!!  I’m a stomach sleeper.  My belly is still small enough to sleep on my stomach, but my poor boobs are too tender for that.  I can lay like that for a little bit, but heaven forbid I fall asleep that way.  I wake up with aching boobs. Sleeping on my side also results in some aching probably just because your breasts will shift to flatten to the mattress or squish together. I tried a few different bras to sleep in ranging from a wireless Royce sports bra to my underwire Panache sports bra.  They are either too small or don’t give the proper support that will help the tenderness and aching. I have been following Sarah at StackDD and her maternity section, so I have a few ideas for new sleeping options.

Obviously part of the problem is fit.  It is common for you to have bra size changes in the first trimester.  If I did not have implants I probably would have gained a cupsize, just like I did with my implants.  I was lucky enough to find a lingerie boutique when my husband I drove the three hours to one of the closest major cities.  By major I mean large for my area of the US, there isn’t much for major cities down here.  So I got a fitting at around the 13 week mark.  Every woman, no matter what size should have a fitting early in pregnancy, as needed through pregnancy, a fitting for nursing bras, and a fitting once they setting into breast-feeding or not breast-feeding.  I’ll be sharing my fitting experience on the blog soon!

So here’s a few pictures for you.  This first one was taken just a few days ago at 14 weeks pregnant.  I’m 5’2″ and about 110lbs, no weight gain yet.

14 weeks

The second picture is my poor boobs in the bra I was wearing when I got fitted. It is my Masquerade Rhea in a 28H. As you can see I’m kind of smashed in there.  In my recent bra fitting I ended up going to a 28HH Panache Andorra.  An interesting point, my ribcage still measures 26 inches and my fullest bust measurement has not changed either. There is extra volume somewhere, but it is not showing on the tape measure.

Pregnancy boobs in a 28H Rhea

So that is about it.  As you can see in the photo above, I have tons of visible veins, but you can’t see the stretch marks. No problems with my actual implants so far, all normal boob changes.


  1. sophisticatedpair

    Congrats again on the pregnancy! I’m sure the first trimester has been a wild ride, so I can understand not wanting to blog, but I am happy to hear you were able to get great service at bra store. As a fellow stomach sleeper, you have my total empathy!

  2. Congratulations! Great blog and i’m really excited to follow your progress! Glad you got fitted though, I hate wearing bras that are too small! Good luck and will be coming back to see how your doing! I’m so broody now, at nearly 30 it may be time to start considering babies hehe!

  3. Stacy

    I had the fuller thing when I was pregnant. My measurements never changed and my cup never really changed, but the density and weight sure did! Now I WAS wearing the wrong size bra to start with so I likely had some room in those beat up molded cups I was wearing but I wore the same bras through my whole pregnancy and only had to go up some at the very end when the ribs started getting tight. It was so bizarre.

    I was fortunate to not have tender breasts during pregnancy but afterwards I pretty much lived in nursing tanks. They gave nice support and helped keep things held in. I STILL sleep in them sometimes and wear them around the house and my daughter is almost 2! I like the Bravado ones (although they admittedly don’t come in the best range of bands, and I had to size up a band size to fit into them decently)

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