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First, thank you to ByBaby’sRules for inviting me to participate here!  Thank you to all of her readers who have read my reviews of Casey and Jeanie.  I hope they’ve been helpful, and at least a little bit interesting to read 🙂  

Today I’d like to talk about one of my newest additions to my Parfait by Affinitas collection.  I call this a collection, because, well, that’s what I do, I collect.  I’m a firm believer in retail therapy as a necessity in life.  Before I digress any further, on to the review!  I’m going to talk about Fiona.   Those who have read ByBaby’sRules’ review of the Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte will understand my complete and utter love for Fiona.  
Fiona is very much like Charlotte.  In my opinion, Fiona gives a boost and presentation like that of Charlotte.  Satin and lace.  What’s not to love there?  Fiona now comes in a variety of colors, my apologies if I miss one, but white, black, purple and black, and blue and black.  I had to have the purple and black.  I love Fiona in all colors, very beautiful no matter what, but for me, it HAD to be purple. I love purple.    If you saw how much purple I have in my life, you’d know, I mean it when I say I love purple.  I purchased Fiona in a 30FF, same as nearly all of my other Parfait bras.  It was backordered.  As if having to order online wasn’t bad enough, I had to wait EXTRA time for it.  Torture!  Obviously, I’m not the only one who loves Fiona! I was quite worried about the size on this one, as I’d recently put a few pounds back on.  Normally this would go straight to my rather generous posterior, but wouldn’t you know, it seemed to go north instead.  I can’t win some days.  Anyway, I’d had a little run of sizing issues, so I was quite nervous, and in fact, contacted the retailer probably about 5 minutes after it shipped to try and get the 30G instead.  I was too late, and had resigned myself to exchanging.  Things just have a way of working out sometimes, don’t they?  
Fiona is not as snug as Charlotte.  The fit is just so much like Charlotte in every other way I would have to say Fiona has replaced Charlotte as my favorite.  The band is not as snug as others in my Parfait collection in the same size, so those like my host who need smaller band sizes like 28 and below, may find Fiona a tad loose.  I don’t, I find her perfect.  Not too tight, but not too loose either.  I’ll have to wait and see about stretching eventually, but since I have so many that I rotate now, it’s going to be a while I’m sure before I have to consider a replacement.  It appears to go right back without any problems. The lace would show through on tops that are more snug or form-fitting, but the last time I wore it, I wore a t-shirt and hoodie, and there was no problem with texture showing or anything like that. The lace runs across the top of the cup in black contrasting beautifully with the purple satin.   She lifts my breasts right on up there, as the majority of my Parfait bras do it seems.   Really, Fiona is just so comfortable,  I could easily see wearing this bra almost every day.  The straps have a beautiful accordion or gathered style to them that sets them apart from other Parfait bras, yet they are still quite stretchy, which I love.  One thing I really like about the majority of Parfait bras is that the straps have plenty of stretch to them.  I did not have to adjust the straps much at all, though there is plenty available in case I need to in the future.  Honestly, I can’t find anything negative about Fiona.  The closest to negative would be that my smaller than 30 band friends possibly wouldn’t be able to wear it without alteration.  😦
As you can tell, I love Fiona and nearly all things Parfait by Affinitas.  I will be adding a review for Parfait by Affinitas Tamara very soon!  Again, thanks to ByBaby’sRules, and thanks to all of her followers for any and all interest in my rambling reviews 🙂  I wanted to add, feel free to add in the comments if there is a Parfait by Affinitas bra you’d like me to review.  If I don’t have it, I’ll probably have it soon, so tell me what lovely lady you want me to review next….
Much love,

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