Sharing some news, and some new blog content

Some of you may have noticed that I have been kind of quiet lately. I promise I have a good reason, a very very good reason. 🙂

Lately, the only time I have felt like blogging is at bedtime or in the middle of the night when I wake up randomly. Mornings and the early afternoon have not been the most pleasant for me lately, and honestly I need all the rest I can get. So you may want to know what the news is and why you as readers may be interested.  Some recent Googling has shown me that there is not much out there talking about pregnancy with breast implants. Of course it happens, but no one has jotted down their own experiences to help others.  So, my news and new blog content, I’m pregnant and I’ll be sharing my experience with you guys.

Now, most women get implants post pregnancy to refill, lift, and reshape to what they once had.  There are not as many women who have an augmentation prior to children, part of which is due to the (false) idea that you cannot breastfeed with implants. So many women just wait until after children.  My thoughts about breastfeeding have not changed, I plan to try and put the effort into it.

So I have created a new section in my blog to share my pregnancy (and post pregnancy) with implants experience. Starting NOW! If it is TMI for you, don’t read the posts in this category!

So where to start…..  I’ll know more next week, but as of right now all I have is a positive test confirmed by my doctor. No clue how far along or anything.  Now, you may think to yourself that they will date it by the date of your last period.  Well…… Not going to work out for me.  I stopped my birth control pill  in the third week of January and never had a cycle.  Usually you plan on several months after stopping BCP to get pregnant. Not sure what happened, but I guess we are lucky. So Monday I’ll go in and have an ultrasound to try to give an early estimate.

Now, I can tell you what I have been experiencing, starting with the normal stuff. All day (morning) sickness, tiredness, loss of appetite, weird food aversions, cravings, bloating, some headaches.  All totally normal.  Along with that comes the normal breast tenderness, which seems to be the same with implants. That said I haven’t had a pregnancy before implants to compare it to.  But holy cow!!  These suckers get pretty dang sensitive!  I was never one to deal with sensitivity around my cycle, but then I was on birth control  for a majority of my teen years and early adult life. So who knows if I would have sensitivity off of birth control.

Size changes, nothing yet but I am expecting it.  I will say that I have got a few new stretch marks, not so happy with that.  This makes me very worried for when they grow later in pregnancy.  There is really no way to predict how much growth you can expect during or after pregnancy.  I have had some changes in my ribcage measurement from some of the stomach bloating.  It has added about an inch of water bloat that has not changed the fit of my bras, all my 28s still feel loose in the band.


Of course, the entire pregnancy experience is very new to me.  I may not know certain things to look for.  So if I am missing anything, or if you have questions please feel free to comment below, email me, or post on Facebook.


  1. Becca

    Congratulations ^_^ How exciting.

  2. Congratulations once again!!! 😀 I can’t wait to hear all your updates and you really need to get in contact with to see if she’s going to come out with any maternity clothes when her line comes out (it might not happen this year last I heard but it’s always good to check!) because she has some really amazing ones shown on her blog. 😀

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