Review ~ Parfait by Affinitas Casey and Jeanie

I will come right out and say it from the start.  I LOVE Parfait by Affinitas.  Seriously, I LOVE this brand!  I have 5 styles for far (Charlotte, Casey, Jeanie, Kelly-padded, and Bess-padded). I have tried 1 other, Anna-padded.  I have on order Fiona, Tamara, Saffron, Tanya-padded, and Donna-padded, plus 2 more of Casey.  As soon as I can get my hands on Isabella, I will, and all of the others too!  I have not tried any of the non-padded versions so far.  My theory is, if it works, why mess with it…thus, I stick to the padded.  One thing I adore about the Parfait line, at least the ones I’ve tried, they all fit nearly the same, so now I don’t have to try multiple sizes.  I’m wearing Bess today, but that’s for another review…

The Charlotte is just the best, but it’s not my everyday t-shirt go-to bra.  That would be Casey, with Jeanie pretty close behind.

Casey.  Such a pretty bra I think.  Very simple.  It’s a plunge bra with molded (moulded? I never know which is correct) cups.  It has a bow at the center gore and a lace overlay at the outer lower cup borders.  I’ve read some reviews where the wearer thinks the gore comes up a bit too high.  I disagree, but that’s just my opinion.  I like not feeling like I’m going to fall out.  The Casey gives a great boost, great cleavage.  I have worn this one a few times with lower cut shirts and just love the look it gives me.  The fabric (asking forgiveness from my mom who is a killer seamstress here), which I have no clue what it is, is a very soft fabric. There is no itchiness anywhere.

Casey, front view

Casey, lace cup detail

I have this in a 30FF.  I tried the 30F, and the fit was nearly identical, though the straps are wider and there are 3 hooks instead of 2 on the 30FF.  The 30F fit my smaller breast better, but my larger one (seriously, I’m not hallucinating this!) was more quadboobish.  The 30FF just felt more stable, secure, and the gap on my right is really not bad at all.  As I said above, I’ve just ordered 2 more of these, because I really like it that much.  Love it that much, I mean.  I will be selling a Cleo Jude 30G very soon as Casey gives a much, much better fit for me.  The sides of the Casey come up a bit higher than others, but it doesn’t irritate for me.  I know others will find it uncomfortable.  The wire fits me quite well, and I have no discomfort whatsoever when I wear this bra.  I’m a t-shirt and jeans girl, so Casey is the perfect bra for me to wear pretty much every day.  Casey comes in a soft, pastel blue or nude.  I have the blue, with another blue and a nude on order.

Casey, angled view

Jeanie.  Jeanie and I have had our issues. I’ve tried Jeanie in 32F, 30F, and 30FF.  I had the same issue with the cup fit as with the Casey between the 30FF and 30^.  Again, I went with the one that has wider straps, 3 hooks instead of 2, and felt more secure.  This bra and the Casey are nearly identical I think.  The sides of the Jeanie are a bit lower, but not by much, I don’t think.  It’s the same, or very similar fabric as the Casey.

Jeanie, front view

Jeanie, side view.

There is a little heart-shaped decoration at the center gore rather than just a bow like Casey.  That is the only decoration.  Jeanie comes in black or nude. I have the nude.  The 32F I tried was the black.  That one was obviously way  too big for me in the cups.   The overall fit is the same as the Casey, a really good plunge bra for the basic t-shirt.  They are both a little thick, but no different than most other molded plunge bras I’ve seen.

Jeanie, center gore heart

I’ve seen comparisons between Jeanie, Casey, and Freya Deco.  They are all beautiful and very well-made bras.  I would say that the Parfait bras are softer than the Deco, but really they all give the same look.  There may be a smidge more coverage with the Parfait bras, but only a very slight amount.  Personally, considering I have all 3, I’d reach for the Casey over Jeanie or Deco.  Jeanie runs around $40, Casey $42, and Deco $60 (prices quoted from Her Room ), so I like the price of the Parfait bras quite a bit better too! I’d still love more of the Deco though, as there are many more options to choose from with color and pattern.  I’d love to get my hands on any of the Deco style bras by Freya like Lydia, Ashlee, Crystal, Taylor.

However, I must complete my Parfait collection/obsession/addiction.   Seriously, Affinitas, feel free to send me any and all of the Parfait collection in a 30FF.  I’ll review them any day!  😀  Oh, and I really, really, really love the color purple in case anyone is interested…I’m shameless. I really am…


  1. You know they are on sale on zulily right now…..$15 a bra… is the link,….you have to join, but it is free.
    The specific ones you like are not on there…but many other styles were….Good luck!

    • I loaded up on them! Now comes the hard part, the waiting!

  2. This publication has inspired me to carry on writing on my own blog

  3. kath

    hi what size in freya deco do you wear? thanks!!

    • I didn’t review this, but I can tell you what size the reviewer does wear. She is a 32F in the Charlotte, a 30FF in the Casey & Jeanie, and a 28G in the Deco. I hope that helps!

  4. Fitting with implants is basically the same as fitting natural boobs, but with some added considerations.

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