Welcome our first guest blogger!!

Today I’d like to introduce one of your guest bloggers, gettingmomback.  She has provided a wonderful little introduction to herself below, which completely explains her blogger name.  I look forward to reading everything she has to say, from bras to weight loss, to being a mother of teenagers.

Hello!  I’m so thrilled be asked to be a guest blogger, and I thank Baby for this honor and opportunity.  I’ve never done any blogging, so this is quite a new adventure for me!

A little background on me, I’m a work-at-home mom of three living in the Midwest.  My husband is in the USAF.  He has a position that has him gone quite a bit.  Last year, he was gone approximately four months of the year, spread out throughout the year.  Some years are better, some worse, but it’s our life, and pretty much all we know.  Like Baby, I am a woman who has undergone breast augmentation.  I’m newer to this adventure than she is, as I’m still within my first few months.  I’ve got a few years on her (okay, I’ll say it, I’m on the steep downhill slide to 40 right now).

After years of joking about it, much discussion, and even more soul searching, I underwent my mommy makeover with breast augmentation with saline implants and liposuction of my abs, hips and flanks, and inner and outer thighs.  In all I had approximately two pounds of implant and saline added and six pounds of fat removed.  The changes that my body has undergone over the last several months have been nothing short of astonishing.  I’ve taken my results further by continuing to lose weight, now down approximately 35-40 from my max weight over the past three years of working out, working on my eating, and now my surgery.  My 34A bras are gone, replaced with mostly 30FF bras.  Obviously I was in the wrong band size to begin with, as my preop measurement was around 31 inches for a ribcage measurement, now 28.5 inches.  I don’t regret this decision for a second.  For the first time since having my kids, and probably even before that, I feel like a woman. A sexy woman. I have a much more proportional body that I have ever had.  I have continued to be inspired to lose the remaining weight, and at this point, I hope to lose at most five more pounds, but would be perfectly happy to maintain right where I’m at.  I don’t want to jeopardize my results from my augmentation by losing too much and causing rippling, which I have a little bit, but only noticeable to someone such as myself who is hyper-aware of every little change of my body right now.  Thus, I’m happy where I’m at.  I do want to continue to get in better shape by tightening and toning and just being as healthy as I can be as I take this continued journey of life.

Through getting to know Baby, and many other amazing women these past few months, I’ve developed a new passion for lingerie.  I am a huge fan now of Parfait by Affinitas.  Seriously, I love, love, love their bras!  They are sexy, pretty, give a great shape, a great fit.  The process of trial and error in finding properly fitting bras has been frustrating at times, expensive for sure, but so fun!  I never expected it to be this way. I fully expected to be able to walk into my local Victoria’s Secret and buy any bra I wanted.  I still can’t, and I don’t care at all because I’ve lost a lot of respect for them as a company, for their part in women of the United States wearing the wrong size bras and suffering needlessly in the process.  Where I live there are incredibly limited options for finding properly sized bras.  Since my surgery, I’ve been sized from a 32DD (VS) to a 36D (JCPenney).  Amazing that I actually wear 30F/FF or 32DDD, depending on the brand, and even a 30G in one Cleo style and 28G in a Freya style.  I have this new desire to discuss bras with every woman I see, yet at the same time, I’ve told only one local friend of my surgery, as  I don’t feel it is the business of anyone but those I choose to let know.  However, I want to see women feel comfortable and sexy in their bras, regardless of their size, big, small, and everything in between.   As time goes on, I hope to help any and all of my friends and family to find their proper size, encourage them to adjust their perception on what sizes really mean and how skewed our perceptions can be on sizing.  Lately I’ve been rolling the idea of some day opening my own store to give women of all shapes, sizes, ages, etc, a fun, relaxing, easy experience of shopping for properly fitting bras.  It shouldn’t be torture, it shouldn’t be depressing.  It shouldn’t be traumatizing.  A woman should walk into a store to buy whatever  style of bra they may be looking for and find just what they are looking for, without being devastated in the process.

Thanks again to Baby for asking me to contribute here.  I hope to continue to do so and will share some reviews on some bras and probably some random thoughts on how much fun it is being a mom of teenagers.


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