Review~ Freya Active Soft Cup Sports Bra

I have yet to see any reviews for the Freya Active Soft Cup Sports bra. It is the only option Freya has in their active line that goes up to an H in a 28 band. This bra comes in a 32-38C and 28-40 D-H. It is a wire free bra with a support system designed around an inner sling. It is an encapsulating bra, meaning it has two separate cups to keep your breasts separate during high impact activities.  The straps are lightly padded and adjustable. The band is thicker then other sports bras out there currently.

Freya Active Soft Cup Sports Bra set, image from

The photo below is not the best picture of the inner sling, but when it is the same fabric and color it is hard to get a good image. Basically it is a fabric version of an underwire, just wider. It gathers your breasts from the sides and pulls forward to limit the side to side movement of the figure 8 of a bouncing breast while doing high impact activities. The sling is U shaped, so there is no coverage at the top of the bra. The sling is inside the cup, but also extends along the wing to the back band.

The back band and wings are wide and firm fitting. In fact many people find their normal bandsize too tight or uncomfortable. I usually find that I have to wear Freya bras in a 28 on the tightest hook, this I wear on the loosest set of the four sets, and it is tight. There are four hooks and eyes, with four sets each. Given that, I wouldn’t hesitate to order one bandsize up and wear on the next tightest hook if necessary. Also, the band holds firm after several wears so you should not need to move in hooks until the bra starts aging. The fabric is a moisture wicking fabric, so unless you are a very heavy sweater, you’ll be able to wear this a few times before washing.

The biggest complaint with many buyers is the shape of the cup.  It is a three-part cup, but the main seam is right across the front of the breast. The shape of the cup in general is very narrow so a woman with wider breasts or wider implants may not like this sports bra. My husband calls this my Madonna bra because of the shape.

The side view shows just how pointy this bra looks.  If you look carefully you’ll see the end of the inner sling under the fabric.  Just behind that you’ll see the third seam of the cup.  That seam passes along the underside of the breast and does not appear as the same seam type as the one across the front of the breast. You’ll also see the seam where the cup meets the band and the support seam in the wing of the bra.

I won’t lie, I’m not in love with this bra.  It did not make it to a run test.  I did some high impact home work outs and stopped there.  The sling is supportive, but not supportive enough.  I’ll stick to lower impact activities that don’t include running or jumping with this bra.  I’m not a fan of the shape given by this bra, there are other options with a more flattering shape.  So my search for the perfect sports bra continues.

If you are looking for a Freya that provides more support I would stick with the underwire version, but that version also has a pointy shape.  The underwire sizing is a 28D-G and 30-38D-H.  There is a molded cup version available, but it also has no underwire.  It does have a racer back style, one that you don’t see often in band/cup size sports bras.  The molded cup is available in 28D-GG, 30-32D-H, 34-36B-H, 38B-GG, and 40B-G.  I may consider ordering a size down and trying the molded cup, but I’d really like an underwire.


  1. Good review… again, I’m deterred from the Freya sports bra from the shape alone!

    I’m curious, is there a particular reason why you want a sports bra with an underwire? I haven’t given underwire vs. no underwire in sports bras much thought.

    • That’s a great question and one I probably should clarify. With breast tissue alone there is always the worry about sagging. With implants there is the concern about a complication called bottoming out. With out getting into the details of surgery, bottoming out is where the implant is positioned too low below the crease of the breast. The implant is actually quite heavy, more so then what people think. Without proper support in high impact activities the weight of the implant can stretch your breast tissue and skin in the lower portion of your breast. There are other things that can cause this, I myself had this complication from a surgical error. The fact that I had this complication already makes the proper support more important. I am actually still in the final stages of healing from the repair surgery, which adds more reason to keep the support from an underwire as a priority.
      I find in most women, underwire or not is a preference. If the bra is right with fit and type then when it comes to a sports bra I don’t see a reason to recommend one over the other.

      • Ah, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks!

  2. babsvii

    i love the underwire one, i run with it and my girls do not move an inch…. you are right about the pointy part, its not the prettiest sports bra but it gets the job done and thats more important to me then not having point boobs… i really wish they would stop making everything pointy looking, they only bras freya have that look good on are the moulded cup ones.

    • I’m really considering trying the underwire bra in a 30 band and down a cupsize. The 28H fit, but I want some compression from a smaller size. It comes in a 30G with wire, so it’s worth a shot. I wish they’d make the molded cup with a wire, I’d be sold on that in a heartbeat! I bought the Panache sports bra, which is molded with wire, and it is so comfortable. It’s going out for a run test today, and will be reviewed soon!

  3. V

    The Panache one is amazing!! It is wonderfully round, has underwire that is cushioned, wicking molded cups, and it comes in purple! I usually wear HH in panache, but the H in the sport is plenty roomy, so it runs a bit large in the cup.

    • I did order a Panache sports bra, I’ll be doing the review soon. I did size down in the cup as well to a 28GG. I do love it, even though there are some faults. I’ll be sharing my thoughts later this week. 🙂

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