Freya Naomi Balcony bra~ Do I love you or hate you?

When I first saw this bra I wanted it badly.  I love the pink color with the black lace. I love the print.  It looks like checkers until you look up close. I love the little pink bows on the straps.

So lets start with some basics of this bra. It’s a normal 28 band bra, stretches to 28 inches. Of course that does not work for me as I need a tighter bra. I can wear it on the middle hook or tighter, but it distorts the cup fit some.  There are three sets of 3 hooks/eyes. I don’t feel that the 3 hooks are necessary, but that is just for me personally. I find 2 to be as supportive.  I do think that the added width of the third set allows for some smoothing along the back and no bulging. The wings of the bra are pretty wide, wider then what I’d like.  But again, that adds to the support of the width leads to a smoother back.

Bra wing

Next along the basics is the front of the bra, cup design and center gore.  The cups are the normal 3 part construction.  The bottom is divided with one along the top of the cup.  Great supportive construction. But why on earth does the third panel on the top of the cup have to be so wide?! This definitely limits the type of shirts that can be worn with this bra.  Yes a little peek of lace top can be sexy, but that is a fine line. Next is the center gore height. Again, I get that this is a 28H bra, but does it have to be so high?  The construction of this has changed quite a bit when you go up in the cupsizes. The center gore height in this bra is right around 4 inches.

Center goreLast thing is the straps.  They are very cute, very pretty design.  They are the normal 1 inch width for this size bra, which I’m not a huge fan of. The black detailing on each side is not comfortable.  It feels sharp, hopefully easing with wear and washing), and the width is wide for my shoulders. I have some digging in the sensitive area right be my armpit.  I love the straps, love their appearance, but I wish they were thinner.  Common sense to me says that a 28 band would be more narrow in the shoulder area, but I feel the strap placement on this is a little wide.

Naomi straps

You can see in the image below that the straps are fairly close the edge of my shoulders.  That wrinkling appearance on the outside of the left is a camera shadow. I should start taking my photos on a better camera. The photo also shows how high this bra comes up on the chest. There is no hiding it in a low cut shirt. You can also see how thick the band is under the cups. The comparison between my bra in a 28H and a 28FF as reviewed by Invest In Your Chest is amazing. I definitely think that this bra looks much better on Cheyl from Invest in Your Chest then it does on me.

Overall, I love this bra.  I’ll keep it and wear it hoping that the straps break in. I love the width of the wires, the amount of room for the forward projection of the breasts.  I love the design and the overall look of the bra.  I love the shape I get wearing this bra. I think it’s a great bra and I like it, but I don’t love this bra. There are definitely things I dislike and things that I like.  It’s not a perfect fit, but I’ll keep on trying.

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