Fell in love~ the Harlequin Rhea

I met a bra yesterday that I absolutely loved. I did not think it would fit, I almost did not order it.  But someone had entered in the measurements on Bratabase in a size 28H.  The measurements looked pretty good so I thought I would give it a try. I wanted to order the Freya Lauren anyway. I read on Break Out Bras that it works well for women that have a slight size difference between breasts.  Like most women, my left is lightly larger then my right. Yes, even with implants you have these slight imperfections.

The review on Breakout Bras said that the band runs a size small and the cup is open and wide at the top. I definitely could do with a little less width at the top, but it is not enough for me to downsize in the cup. The fact that I have implants and very little tissue leads to some gaping. It works best when the bras fit to me and not need to have the breast tissue fit to them. I usually cannot do a cup like the Rhea because the cup is a little stiffer, but I love it so much I’ll deal with some gaping when I slouch.  Hopefully with wash and wear it will get a little softer and mold to my shape better.

I love the band of this bra. It measures at 23 inches and stretches to 27.5 inches. That little bit really makes a difference.  The cup material is super soft, with smooth fabric.  This extends to the straps which are thinner than most bras in this size range. I love that and how they feel against my skin. I’m not sure why manufacturers feel the need to add scalloped edges to bra straps. They really irritate my skin. I love the cup shape, it is a three part cup, but instead of the normal seam lines the seams are vertical.  I like this much better than the normal three part cup set up.  The seams on this cup are so well done and put together that they are nearly invisible. I won’t be worried about them showing through many T-shirts. Below is a photo of the inner cup. What looks like a top seam is actually where the lace on the outside of the cup is sewn on, there is no division of fabric.

The last bits I’d like to share about this bra are in the detailing. The color is amazing. A beautiful ivory cream color.  The lacy is a pretty mauve that compliments my pasty skin tone well.  I love the little bow, it is small and delicate and doesn’t make or break the bra.

In the picture below you can see the right breast (left in the pic) has a tiny bit of a gap.  As you have to fit for the larger breast, this is bound to happen at times. Again, it’s a tiny gap and not enough for me to go down a size. That would cause the other breast to bulge out of the cup. Not so good. If this was a soft cup bra I’d just adjust that strap a tiny bit tighter to smooth out the cup fit.

This also shows the stitching details.  I am not a huge fan of the stitching on the straps, but it works very well on the cup. This bra reminds me of the Curvy Kate Thrill Me. But the Thrill Me has wider cups and less forward projection in the cup. I have that on order too, so we’ll see how the two compare. Please excuse the sports bra lines in the photo! But the look of this photo makes me love this bra.


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    say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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