The War on Plus Four, Playtex bra fit makeovers

A recent post by Busts 4 Justice has inspired me to write this post.  Through her blog post I discovered that I should be wearing a 32DD, not my actual bra size.  You see, Playtex is using the add inches method to fit as many women into the most narrow range of sizes possible. The complete craziness of their sizing calculator was pointed out today by Busts 4 Justice.

So I took a look around the Playtex Facebook page and discovered their Bra Makeover online series.  I just had to take a peek to see what they did to those poor women.  I was not pleasantly surprised.  So I’d like to take a few of these women and give a few examples about what is wrong with their bra fit.  It’s hard to give a total fit analysis with only one photo, but we can still tell there is major problems.

Here is the Playtex Bra Makeover site

I want to start with the only smaller bust woman to get fit, webisode #4. The Playtex fitters took her badly fitting bra and put her into an equally bad fitting bra.  They actually told her that her bra band was too low on her back!  Why would you want a high bra band? That is a sign that the band is too large.  Looking at her from the front you can see that the upper sides of her breasts are spilling out of the top sides of the cup.  She is obviously in the wrong cupsize. The wire should come up further under her arm to support this tissue, not allow it to spill out.  This woman needs a larger cupsize and a smaller bandsize.

Webisode #2.  This poor woman has also been squeezed into a cup that is too small.  You can see the band lifting off the front of her ribcage!

Webisode #5. This poor woman is suffering from uniboob from cups that are too small and wires that have been lifted off her chest. Her breasts do not have any separation, leading to a very tall underwire that does nothing for her.

Webisode #7. She is suffering from the same problem as #5, but in this case you can see that the underwires are sitting on her breast tissue. How can this bra be comfortable?!?!  She was taken from a 38C to a 38DD, great improvement on the cupsize, but obviously not enough!  Her before photo shows that the band is riding up her back, and obvious indication that she needs a smaller back size.  She’ll need to go down in her band size and up in cupsize.

So that’s enough on the examples.  I don’t want to go on a rant through all of them. Feel free to take a look at their website and point out any other obvious fit issues.  You can also contact Playtex and let them know what you think. I already have.

Playtex Contact


  1. The webisodes are so painful to watch. It’s agonizing watching a women being taken from one ill-fitting bra then ‘unveiled’ in her new equally ill-fitting bra. You can see the gore is gaping away from the body in every single one – BRA FITTING 101 people – your band needs to be snug with the centre panel (gore) sitting flush against your body – it’s not supposed to leave a handy space for rolls of quarters!!

    So glad to have found you BBR – thanks for following us over at Butterfly Collection xx

  2. Amy

    How ridiculous were those makeovers? Those poor, poor women! Sure, some had a bit of improvement, but not near enough! I sent them a very nice comment 😉

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