Home waxing shenanigans

So this post has nothing to do with my normal bra reviews and fitting. But it is so funny, I have to share!

For Christmas my husband got me a waxing kit from Sally’s Beauty Supply.  It’s supposed to have everything you need in it, ready for you to use. I already like to wax my eyebrows at home, so this was the perfect present!  I could just see how wonderful it would be to be able to wax my legs and not deal with shaving. I even offered a little eyebrow maintenance to my husband.

So waxing is much more painful when you do it yourself.  Last night I finally decided to try my legs. So I asked my husband to pull the first strip off for me.  It really wasn’t that bad, I figured I could do it.  Maybe it is just me and how new I am at this, but it was a very messy process. I did my entire lower right leg and ended up with little bits of wax or strips here and there.  I was pretty happy with it for a first time effort. Until the time came to removed the wax residue.  That is what was missing in the kit, a wax remover.  And I could not get the stuff off my legs.

I found that witch hazel works well for smaller parts, like the eyebrow, but for my leg it was not working so well.  My husband ran to do a quick google for me which recommended mineral oil, baby oil. Did not have any. So I tried hair conditioner.  No luck.  Next was olive oil.  I’m in the bathtub with my leg slathered in olive oil asking him to keep looking for something else.  Next recommendation, peanut butter. I have no idea where he found this, but it makes sense.  You use peanut butter to get gum out of hair, so why not try it.  I end up in the shower with Skippy peanut butter slathered over my entire lower leg.  But guess what?  It totally worked! After about 20 minutes of scraping my skin in the shower trying desperately to get the wax off, and peanut butter takes it off like a charm.  Who would have thought?

So lesson learned this holiday weekend. Buy a wax remover before trying the other leg!  Or keep a bunch of peanut butter in the house.

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