Need bra karma? Donate your old bras!

I recently posted about the new year and going through your bras to replace what is worn with new. Because of that post I was contacted by The Clothing Library. The Clothing Library will take your items that you will no longer be wearing and redistribute them to those will will. They take donated bras and help women and teens find their correct bra size. They are not only a source for a good fitting bra for these ladies, but they are also an education resource. These women many normally be forced into a badly fitted bra that will possibly cause back pain and sagging. Through donations we can help the woman behind The Clothing Library get these women into a properly fitted bra.

So I’ll be going through my own bras and instead of trashing them I will be looking at what I can donate. To me it is a great cause, one close to my heart. I’d love to be able to do what I can for women that I’ll never meet to get them in a properly fitted bra. Even a well worn bra can be used to help a woman figure out her correct size. And a correct size bra that is used and freshly laundered is better than a badly fitted bra. Any thing can be donated, from bras to regular clothing items. Donations are accepted by mail so there is no trouble to donate. Feel free to take a look at The Clothing Library’s Facebook page and Twitter feeds. You’ll see exactly what properly fitted bras mean to The Clothing Library.



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