Cleo Lizzie, my first new bra of the year

My first new bra for the year is here. It is the Cleo Lizzie (a part of Panache).  Ordering online is always a trial and error thing, but when you wear an odd size it is a chance you have to take. Unfortunately for me it was a risk that did not quite work out. This bra will have to be returned. But just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t work for someone else.


The Lizzie bra is a very pretty bra. It’s a three-part cup with a seam up the middle.  The usual construction for support in a thin material bra. It’s solid black with what appears to be while polka dots. They are actually small flowers.  It comes very high in the center gore, something I’m not really a fan of. It is also pretty full coverage something else I’m not a fan of.

The biggest issue I have with the bra is the width.  For someone with wider breasts this bra will be perfect. When I put the bra on there was a good two fingers between the end of my breast and the wire. The actual cup itself fit, it was just too wide in the wire.  As you can see from the picture bellow, the wire from the cups makes up the majority of this bra. There really is not much of a back or wings. This may work for some people, but it just does not work for me.

The back of this bra is a little big for what I’d like. I bought this in a 28 and it stretches to 28 inches. Not so great for a 26 inche ribcage.  The cup of this bra fit, but not really.  The forward depth of the cup was great, but the third part of the cup was along the top edge. It was loose and baggy. It seems like this bra will work better for a breast with a fuller top. So that really did not work out for me. The picture below shows exactly what I’m talking about.

I really wanted to keep this bra. I love polka dots. Or the look of polka dots.  But it just did not fit my shape.  This is an example of how different bras will work for different women, even if they wear the same size.  So this one will be returned and I’ll try again.  I have three more on order for the new year, with plenty more to come.


  1. I just got a Cleo Lizzie too, and I am undecided as to whether or not to keep it. The cups in 34GG are just as wide as I can handle: if they were wider it would be too big. I typically need narrow cups.

    In mine the top half of the cup is lined too, which I was told is standard for cups above G. If I keep the bra I will cut out that extra lining. The bra is so much prettier without it!

    • I haven’t given up on Cleo/Panache yet, but I’ll be more cautious and check cup widths on bratabase before ordering. It seems like I need a wire width of a much smaller cup, but the cup depth of the size I ordered. I want Cleo bras to fit because they have a much larger product line of 28 bands in over a GG cup. The selection of Freya bras in the same size range or just over a GG is very dismal. I’m sure you run into similar issues when ordering.

      • Yeah, I’ve run into similar, which is why I am selling 4 bras right now!

        Cleo bands tend to run looser than Panache Superbra, so if you need a 26 you might just be out of luck entirely. But in any case, I think you COULD do with a smaller cup than you tried. Cleo bras are cut pretty small in the bottom of the cup, which pushes the tissue to the top of the cup, where it is roomy. A smaller cup size would be more narrow, and also distribute your tissue differently. So, I don’t think you actually need one with the same depth.

        Of course, this is all kind of moot since the band is too big 😦 Panache did say they will start making some bras in 26 bands, though, so there is hope!

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