New year = New bras!!

With most people the start of the new year means New Years resolutions.  I’m not going to that this year. Sure I have some things I want to work on, but they are all things that I had been working on already. I’m just making the effort to continue them and take things to the next level.

Instead of resolutions, it’s time to go through the drawers and closets! Get rid of the worn out and items that do not fit.  Now is a great time to start with some fresh new basics to replace worn out items. It is a great to go out and get a fitting.  Normally a fitting should be done about every 6 months or with major changes, so it is a great time to start with some great fitting bras.

I always like make sure that a bra is properly fitted before buying, but buying on-line does not work with that.  I’ve got some bras on order for the new year, so hopefully they will work for me.  Now, remember that there is a rule about bra wear. You should not wear a bra back to back, you should give your bra 48 hours between wears. So that means if you have a favorite you should probably have more than one of that bra.  A basic bra for daily wear does not have to be anything special. I usually go with a 3 part seamed cup for added support. But you’ll probably also need to look at your T-shirt bra, it is probably a bra that you wear often and may need to be replaced.  And your sports bras. They tend to take a beating and are probably ready for the retirement home.

So how can you tell if you need to replace your bra? It’s the same things you check for a good fit, band, underwire, cup fit, center gore, and straps. If the band is hooked on the tightest hooks the bra is on its last legs of wear. If there is any fraying at the seams or pulled netting or holes then it is time to go. Next is the underwire. If it is pushing out the sides or popped out in any way it is time for that bra to go. A bra is usually broken in to your shape, but over time it can break in too much resulting in saggy fit or distorted shape. Pulling on the band can distort the underwire shape. If the cup is gaping, there is wrinkles from stretching, or sag in the shape of the breast, then it is time to retire that bra. If the center gore is bent out and no longer sitting on the chest, or you have fraying or poking wires, it is time for that bra to see the dumpster. Finally the straps. They are meant to adjust tighter as the bra ages. If they are as tight as possible and still loose, time to go. If they are frayed and sliding, it’s time to go.

All of these things can be put off for longer by proper laundering. But washing in the washer and drying is so much easier.  Because so many women still do that it adds some thing to check. A well taken care of bra will not be discolored with thinned fabric.  You can bet that your machine washed bra will have both of these. If so, it is probably time to let that one go.

So start the new year with some fresh new bras. And don’t forget the fitting!  Your boobs will thank you, while your pocket-book may not. This is the time off lingerie sales, so get your new duds while the sales are good.



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