Razorock Alum stick- something you never knew you needed

Every once in a while my husband comes up with something wonderful.  Just recently he did, and it’s something that surprised me. Unfortunately for me, I have very sensitive skin. I’m talking so sensitive that I’ll get razor burn if I put lotion the night after I shave in the morning. Talk about annoying and painful. Not to mention dealing with the other parts of your body that women must deal with, underarms and bikini line. No one wants unsightly bumps in either area. He’s where my husband comes to the rescue. I had been using the old deodorant trick to prevent razor burn and in grown hairs, but that just doesn’t work for your entire leg. My husband has sensitive skin on his face and has picked up the practice of wet shaving. What may you ask, is wet shaving? Wet shaving is an old technique of shaving using a shaving brush, a glycerin based soap or cream, and a single blade razor to shave (more on this in a future blog). In the case of my husband an old stye double edge razor, other men use straight razors. It provides a closer shave and is much better for your skin. Part of the practice of wet shaving includes prepping your face, prepping your lather, shaving, aftershave, and moisturizing. What my husband did was take his aftershave and show me how it can prevent razor burn for me.

Now here is where it is important to understand something. All after shave is not equal. I’m not talking about taking Old Spice and rubbing on my fresh shaved body parts. I’m also not talking about that burning stuff you see in Home Alone that makes Macaulay Culkin scream when he puts it on his face.  I am talking about something all natural, alum.  Alum has many different uses, acne treatments, antiperspirant, and after shave.  My husband introduced me to Razorock Alum, it is potassium alum in the form of a round stick.


Here’s how it works. Alum is a natural antiseptic. If you nick yourself while shaving it will clean the wound and stop the bleeding, with a little sting. It helps clear up an irritation and closes the pores of the area you apply it too. Your skin will feel smooth and tight. It is an natural astringent and toner. When you are in the shower, once you finish your shave routine you will run the Razorock along your skin in the areas you have shaved.  It’s safe for use in the underarm and lady bit area. You may feel a slight tingly burn as the astringent flushes your pores of any leftover chemicals and unwanted soap films and closes them tight.  Then you rinse.  Yes, that’s it, an extra 30 seconds to your shave routine while you are in the shower. They’re not asking much to help prevent razor burn and in grown hair. Just make sure you store your Razorock covered and keep it from the water spray, they will mildew if left wet.

I love it. It’s simple, it’s clean, and their is no smell.  It’s all natural, comes straight from the Earth, most likely China as it has one of the largest deposits. What isn’t to love?  You can find alum in different forms in general health stores.  You do not want to use alum that has been formulated as an antiperspirant for this, or the stuff that has been formulated for sea food prep and food pickling. Until you know what you are working with I’d suggest looking for alum that is marketed for shaving, from their you can look into other alum products or finding it closer to home.  If you try this, love it or hate it, I’d love to hear your feedback. And if you love it, don’t forget to pass it on to the man in your life. Lord knows their faces need protection to!

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