Review: Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte

I wanted to post a review for one of my favorite bras.  I wanted to share the good, the bad, the strengths, the weaknesses.

The Parfait line by Affinitas is a D-G cup range in bands ranging from a 30 to a 40. The bottoms run from XS to 2X. The line is designed in a way to flatter the figure of a larger bust while still looking and feeling great.

So what is so good about the Charlotte?  First off, it is a beautiful bra.  The Charlotte padded bra has a sexy retro look and comes in two gorgeous colors red with black or peach with black.  The matching panties are available in a basic bikini cut or a high-waisted classic brief.

Charlotte padded bra, red with black details

So starting with the bra.  What is great about it?  Many people would call this a weakness, but to me it is a great thing.  The band design of this bra is very firm, so firm that most people should order up a bandsize, keeping with their normal cupsize. The band itself is made from a highly supportive mesh and that attaches to the front of the bra under the arm.  At this joint is plastic boning, adding strength the bra’s side support and helping prevent underarm fat or rolls.

Charlotte side seem, side boning, and band

The design of the cup of this bra has a side panel on the outside of each breast. The design of the bra itself gives a pull in effect, this side panel provides a curved look to the cup that is flattering to the shape. The internal design of the cup is a basic three-part support  stitching. This stitching is not visible from the outside of the cup, it is covered by the black detailing. I wouldn’t call this bra padded, as you can see it does not have obvious padding.  What it does have is a light pad lining, no nip slips with this bra.

Three part cup construction

On to the matching undies.  I personally am not a fan of the high cut look, I do not have the shape for it.  I do love the bikini panties, they are comfortable and cute.  There is a seem that runs straight up the back, completely invisible.  I think a little ruching would be cute, but that would alter the classic retro feel of the set.

Charlotte Bikini panties

As far as overall comfort, I’d give this bra a 4 out of 5. This is just based on the inconsistency of the bandsize with the majority of the line.

For looks, I’d give this bra a 5 out of 5.  It looks great under clothing, brings things together a little without padding, and is great to show off with out clothes to a special someone.

Daily wearability: Personally, I’d give it 5 out of 5.  My original Charlotte bra was a daily wear for me, even after my wonderful boxer put a couple of holes in the band.  For the average woman, they would probably save this for a special night out.  It really depends on what you want from your bra.

Sorry no modeling pictures!  This is a baby blog, and I’m not popular enough to throw pics of me in my undies out on the internet for the world to see. 🙂


  1. Wow, it’s so beautiful! I must admit I didn’t know about Affinitas before this post.

  2. I’m considering ordering this bra from the US as I’ve been lusting after it for ages, but I’m really unsure about the sizing. What is the sizing of the panties like? I can’t find measurements anywhere so I have no idea what XS or S really means.

    • The sizing is a little off when compared to the rest of the line. I can wear their molded Casey or Jeanie on the tightest hook in a 30G and the cup is only a little small. A lot of people recommend sizing up in the band and staying with your cupsize. So a 28FF would go with a 30FF. I found that to be pretty accurate. My 30G Charlotte is too small (part of the reason for no pictures) and the band stretches to 26.5 inches. Prefect in my eyes!! I wish you were closer, I’d send you my 30G to try, I think with your new size as a small 28G that it would be the right size for you.

      As for the undies, I only have the bikini in XS. The tag says they are a UK 8 or French 38. I find then to be a little more roomy then my Curvy Kate size 8 shorts, but not much. Set flat on a table, at the hip band they measure 11.5 inches (29cm) and lower on the hip at the wides they measure12.5 inches (32cm). I’m 62 inches tall and weigh about 112lbs (8 stone) and have about 35″ hips and 25″ waist. I have UK knickers in an 8 and 10 that fit comfortably and a 12 that is a touch big.

      I hope that is helpful!! On Bratabase, the picture of the 30F is me previously when I wore a 28FF. The 32FF is my guest blogger, gettingmomback, in a 32FF. She usually wears a 30FF or a 28G in the Deco.

      • Thank you for the incredibly detailed answer, that helps a lot! 🙂


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